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Q: How many games has Tim Duncan won with Coach Popovich?
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How many home playoffs games has Tim duncan lost?


How many hours does a college basketball coach work?

It varies from coach to coach. With practice, games, and recruiting, they work many hours and probably more than 60 hours per week.

How many games did the Ole Ball Coach win while at Florida?


Dean Smith won how many games as UNC head coach?


How many games did spurrier lose in the swamp?

As the Gators head coach, he was 68-5.

How many World Series games did Frank Crosetti appear in for the New York Yankees as a player and as a coach?

Frank Crosetti appeared in 29 World Series games as a player and another 86 World Series games as a coach.

How many games did Dale Sveum coach in MLB?

Dale Sveum was manager of the Altoona Curve from 2001-2003. He was the Boston Red Sox third base coach from 2004-2005. He was the Milwaukee Brewers third base coach in 2006 and 2008 and bench coach in 2007. He also managed 12 games in 2008 for the Brewers. From 2009-2011 Sveum was the Brewers hitting coach. That's 448 games managed, including the minor leagues, and 1,284 games as a coach in his 11-year career.

How many NBA playoff games has Tim Duncan played in?

Tim Ducan has played in 160 playoff games counting 08-09 playoffs.

How many games has bob stoops won as a football coach of the university of Oklahoma?

Bob Stoops has won 139 games (record is 139-34) in 13 seasons (1999-2011) as head coach of the Sooners.

A basketball coach won 132 games He won 79 more games than he lostAbout how many games did he lose?

53 (132 - 79 = 53)

How many medals did Duncan Goodhew win at the Beijing Olympics?

None, Duncan Goodhew did not compete at the 2008 Games in Beijing. He did win two medals at the 1980 Games in Moscow, a gold in 100 meter breaststroke and a bronze in 4x100 meter medley.

How many bowl games did Iowa go to under head coach Hayden Fry?

I think 14 bowl games, but I'm not sure.

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