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As at 4-Feb-2010 : Torres has played 104 goals in all competitions, 72 in the Premier League.

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Q: How many games has Fernando Torres played for Liverpool?
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How many games did it take Fernando Torres to score 50 goals for Liverpool?


How many games had Fernando Torres played with Spain before the 2014 FIFA World Cup?

Fernando Torres had played 107 times for Spain before the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

How many games did Torres play in th world cup?

Fernando Torres played in only one game at the 2010 world cup.

How many world cup games did Fernando Torres play in?

He has only played in one world cup: FIFA World Cup 2010 South Africa

How many games have Liverpool football club played this year?

Liverpool have played 15 games this seasonbut have only won 6

How many goals has Fernando Torres scored for Liverpool in the premiership?

Well this is going to be hard to maintain the exact number as it is always changing. He was the fastest player in Liverpool FC history to reach the 50 goal mark. He achieved this in 72 games and scored his 50th against Aston Villa. Edit: 81 goals.

First Liverpool player to score 100 goals in first 75 games?

The current Liverpool record holder for 100 goals is Robbie Fowler, who took 165 games, taking the record by a single game from the club's all-time scorer Ian Rush. Fernando Torres recently broke the club record for the quickest 50 league goals, completing the milestone in 72 games.

How many games did Fernando Torres play in the 2010 south African worRld cup?

He played only one game in the 2010 world cup, it was the final match verses holland.

How many goals has Torres scored?

Fernando Torres has scored 124 goals, even though he is good he is very fragile and gets hurt to often, he then misses many games.

What number did anelka have at Liverpool?

Nicolas Anelka wore #9 for Liverpool in 2002 when he played in 20 games while on loan.Anelka only played for Arsenal, Bolton Wanderers and Chelsea.He never played for Liverpool.

Is Torres happy with didier drogba?

Fernando Torres has repeatedly said that he has no problem with the Ivorian. The fact that in the past 18 months Didier Drogba has been a far better player than Fernando Torres has nothing to do with their relationship. The fact that Drogba has scored 34 goals in 56 games in the past 18 months and Fernando has scored 8 in 45, is a big talking point for most Chelsea fans. But anyhow, Didier is likely to be leaving Stamford Bridge, so Torres will be on his own.

How many games had Gerrard played for Liverpool?

84 goals in total.

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