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To work out the total number of games in a season in any sport you take the number of teams involved and add together all of the preceeding numbers, so:

12 teams is 11+10+9+8+7+6+5+4+3+2+1 = 66

This would be the total number of games in a season if all teams played each other once. If you say they play twice then you simply double this number:

2 x 66 = 132 games.

To be a bit more geeky you can simplify all of the above into an equation:

n = ((t - 1) x (t / 2)) x g

where t represents the number of teams participating and g represents the number of times each team plays each other

n = ((12 - 1) x (12 / 2)) x 2 -----> n = ((11) x (6)) x 2 ---> (66) x 2 = 132

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Q: How many games do guiness premier teams play in one season in rugby union?
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