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Q: How many games did the Sacramento kings win in 2009?
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How many games do the Sacramento kings play in regular season?


How many play offs have Sacramento kings won?

The Sacramento Kings have won 1 championship in 1951.

How many times have the Sacramento Kings won this season?

So far i think they have won 22 games

How many rings do the Sacramento kings have?

The franchise has 1, Sacramento has 0

How many time did Sacramento kings win NBA champ?


How many times has the Sacramento kings beat the los angeles lakers?


How many stanley cups have the Sacramento kings won?

As they are a professional basketball team, none.

How many times have the Sacramento Kings won the NBA championship?

If you mean exactly the name Sacramento Kings, then the answer is no. But if you mean everything that is related with this club, so the answer is yes. In 1950-1951 Rochester Royals have won NBA title. Later team changed to Cincinatti Royals, Kansas City Royals, and finally Sacramento Kings.

How many championships do the Sacramento kings have?

Unfortunately, none. But do not give up hope, friends! The Kings will win one championship some day.

How many times did the Sacramento Kings score 120 points or more in the 2005-06 NBA season?


How many Pro basketball teams does Ca have?

4 - la clippers - la lakers - golden state warriors - sacramento kings

How many games have the kings won?

Mabye 5 x