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The Dolphins regular season record was 14-0 and they won out in the playoffs to wind up with a composite record for the 1972 season of 17-0.

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Q: How many games did the Miami Dolphins win in the season of 1972?
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Last NFL team to go undefeated?

lots have but,The Pittsburgh Steelers won their sixth title in a 27-23 victory against the Arizona Cardinals for Superbowl 2009.

Who won all regalar games and super bowl?

the Miami dolphins did it, but it was when the regular season only had 12 games. in 1972

Did the dolphins go 16-0?

No, the Miami Dolphins went 14-0 in the 1972 NFL season. There were only 14 games in the regular season at that time.

What is the only NFL team to finish a season undefeated?

1972 Miami Dolphins.

Who won every single game in their season in the NFL?

miami dolphins 1972

Who was the undefeated teams in the history of the NFL?

In the 1972 season, the Miami Dolphins finished the regular season with a record of 14-0 and wound up winning the Super Bowl to end with a record, regular season and playoffs, of 17-0.

Player roster of the undefeated 1972 Miami Dolphins?

No one. Miami's first season in the American Football League was 1966.

What is the best season record a pro football team has had?

14 and 0 .... the Miami dolphins in 1972

Did the 1972 Miami Dolphins when all of their preseason games?

The Miami Dolphins did not win all of their preseason games in 1972. They were 3 and 3 in the preseason. Interestingly, their last loss in preseason game 5 (August 31, 1972) was to the Washington Redskins, 27 - 24.

What was the record of the 1972 Dolphins?

The Dolphins went 14-0 in the 1972 regular season and won the Super Bowl that season. Their record for regular season and postseason games that season was 17-0.

What NFL team went undefeated in 1972?

the MIAMI DOLPHINS went undefeated in the year 1972

How many teams have won all 16 games in a NFL season?

Only the 2007 New England Patriots won all 16 regular season games. The 1972 Miami Dolphins also won all of their regular season games, but the regular season was 14 games at the time.