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Q: How many games did the Houston Aeros play in Texas this season?
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What NFL teams have not lost 15 games in one season?

houston texas

Has Houston Texas ever hosted summer Olympic games?


What was the first Major League Baseball team that Ivan Rodriguez was onin 2009?

Ivan Rodriguez started the 2009 season with the Houston Astros (93 games) and finished the year with the Texas Rangers (28 games)

How many games did the Houston Rockets win in the first 50 games of the 2005-2006 NBA season?


How Many Games has the Houston Rockets Won?

2-25-16 The Houston Rockets are 28-29 so far this season.

Which of the following basketball teams plays home games in the city west of Mississippi river Atlanta Hawks Houston Rockets Cleveland Cavaliers Milwaukee Bucks?

Texas is west of the Mississippi River. The Houston Rockets play home games in Houston, Texas which is west of the Mississippi River.

What makes Houston Texas a good place to live?

everything Houston is awsome the games mall movies clubs i would love living there !

Where is home of the Houston Texans located?

The Texans play there home games at Reliant Stadium, 1 Reliant Park, Houston, Texas 77054.

How long is a regular season for the Houston Astros?

The regular season for every MLB team including the Astros includes 81 home games and 81 road games, for a total of 162 games

What Texas MLB teams have won the World Series?

Through the 2009 season, none.The Texas Rangers have never played in the World Series and the Houston Astros have played in one World Series losing to the Chicago White Sox, 4 games to 0, in 2005.

Which of the following baseball team plays home games in a city west of the Mississippi river atlantas braves Houston astros Cincinnati reds Baltimore orioles?

Texas is west of the Mississippi River. The Houston Astros play in Houston, Texas which is west of the Mississippi River.

How many games are on the Houston Texans schedule?

"The NFL currently plays sixteen ""real"" games per team. When I say real I mean not pre-season games that don't count for anything. So, there are sixteen games on the Houston Texans schedule."

Have the Texas Rangers ever won 100 games during the regular season?

No, they have not. The closest the Rangers came to a 100 win season was in 1999, when they won 95 games.

Which Houston player had 715 field goals in 78 regular season games in 2004-2005?

Tracy McGrady

What was the Houston oilers stats?

They won 260 regular season games, nine playoff games, and two AFL Championships before moving to Tennessee.

How many bowl games have the Texas Longhorns won?

As of the 2007 season, the Longhorns record in bowl games is 23-21-2.

How many games have the Texas Rangers won since 1977?

The Texas Rangers have won 3272 games with a winning percentage of 50.1% including the 1977 season. Their losses over that span are 3263.

Where can cheap Wii games be purchased in Houston?

Because the web is not limited in where items can be shipped, cheap Wii games can be purchased from a city like Houston, Texas the same as anywhere else. Options include eBay, Amazon, Craigslist, and GameStop.

In 2000 how many games did the Houston Comets win?

In 2000, the Houston Comets finished the season with a record of 27-5. They won the WNBA finals that year, defeating the New York Liberty.

Who was the first Texas aggie to get 100 yards in 5 games straight?

Cyrus Gray did it in the 2010-2011 season.

What stadium does the cowboys playin?

Since the 2009 season, Dallas has played its games in Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

Have the Texas Aggies ever played in the Cotton Bowl?

Texas A&M has played in the Cotton Bowl many times. Both in Bowl games there and regular season games. It is a really neat venue for a football game.

What year did Archie Manning play for Houston oilers?

Manning was traded by the Saints to the Oilers during the 1982 season. He started 5 games for the Oilers in 1982 and 3 games in the 1983 season before being traded to the Minnesota Vikings.

What states do the following sports teams play their home games Chicago White Sox Houston Astros and the Phoenix Suns?

Chicago White Sox (Illinois)Houston Astros (Texas)Phoenix Suns (Arizona)

What was the last year Nolan Ryan?

Nolan Ryan's final season in MLB was 1993 for the Texas Rangers as a player. He went 5-5 in 13 games with a 4.88 ERA , He continues in baseball in various roles currently as a executive advisor to the Houston Astros as of 2017.