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that doesnt make sense

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Q: How many games did the Boston won against the lakers in game 7?
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Final score in 08 finals nba?

In the NBA's 2008 championship series, Doc Rivers' Boston Celtics defeated Phil Jackson's Los Angeles Lakers 4 games to 2. Game scores are as follows: Game 1 Boston Celtics 98 Los Angeles Lakers 88 Game 2 Boston Celtics 108 Los Angeles Lakers 102 Game 3 Los Angeles Lakers 87 Boston Celtics 81 Game 4 Los Angeles Lakers 91 Boston Celtics 97 Game 5 Los Angeles Lakers103 Boston Celtics 98 Game 6 Boston Celtics 131 Los Angeles Lakers 92

Who won game 7 in the 2010 NBA finals?

The Lakers won against the Boston Celtics, winning their 16th NBA title.

Where can one watch old videos of Boston Celtics vs Los Angeles Lakers games?

You Tube is the best place to watch old videos of Boston Celtics vs Los Angeles Lakers games. A specific game can be found easily from the search button on there web page.

What was the score for the NBA finals 2010?

Lakers 93 - Boston 79 This is for game 7 Game 7 - Lakers 83 Celtics 79

Who won NBA finals 2010?

The Los Angeles Lakers won in L.A against the Boston Celtics in game 7 THE SCORE WAS 79 TO 83

What teams were in the 2008 NBA finals?

The Boston Celtics and the LA Lakers were. The Boston Celtics won the series 4 games to 2. Game 6 was in Boston so the Celtics had the privilege of winning the NBA Championship in front of their home crowd.

Can you give buytime using in sentence?

The LA Lakers were trying to buy time by protecting the ball in order to mantain their lead in the closing minutes of the game against the Boston Celtics.

Did the lakers win the playoffs?

Yes, the Lakers won the game against Utah Jazz. 100-113 They didn't get tacos. :(

What was the best game in basketball?

Game 7 Boston Celtics vs. Los Angeles Lakers NBA Finals 2010

Who was the best offensive player in the lakers game against the nuggets?

Kobe Bryant.

Who scored the most points during one NBA finals game?

Elgin Baylor scored 61 points for the L.A. Lakers against the Boston Celtics on April 14, 1962.

Do the lakers lead the series against the suns 2-1?

yes as of the last game the lakers lead the suns 2-1

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