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CHICAGO -- The Chicago Bears stamped themselves as contenders in the NFC. And they did it with a big assist from their oldest rival.

Jay Cutler threw for 221 yards, Brian Urlacher forced a key fumble and Chicago took advantage of a team-record 18 penalties by the Packers to beat Green Bay 20-17 on Monday night.

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Robbie Gould won it with a 19-yard field goal with 4 seconds left. The Packers' James Jones lost a fumble on a hit by Urlacher in the final minutes. Then Morgan Burnett was called for pass interference on Earl Bennett, setting up the winning kick.

"It's fun, that is all you can ask for," Cutler said. "The defense did a great job, we struggled the whole game, felt like we kind of were killing ourselves."

The Bears (3-0) kept insisting they were contenders through a sloppy preseason and less-than-inspiring opening win over Detroit. Since then, they turned heads with a win at Dallas last week, and opened more eyes by beating Green Bay -- with lots of help from the Packers.

The Bears tied it at 17 on a 25-yard field goal by Gould.

Urlacher jarred the ball out of Jones' hands after the receiver caught a pass fromAaron Rodgers near midfield. Tim Jennings recovered, giving Chicago the ball on the Packers 46 with 2:18 remaining.

"Any time a play like that comes up, that's a play you need to make," the Packers'Nick Barnett said. "Luckily for them they didn't have any penalties on that call and they were able to get the ball."

Soon after, another penalty cost the Packers (2-1) in a big way.

On second down at the 33, Cutler tried to hit Bennett deep along the right sideline and Burnett basically hammered him, wiping out an interception by Nick Collinsand putting the ball at the 9.

Three plays later, Chicago walked away with a wild win and the only undefeated record in the NFC.

"We didn't play our best game and won. That's got to be a good sign," Bears coach Lovie Smith said.

As for the Packers?

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Q: How many games did jay cutler win against green bay?
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