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I know there are 24 used in football all supplied by the home team.

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Q: How many game balls are used in pro sports basketball baseball football?
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Sports that are played with balls?

soccer,basketball,tennis,football,golf,softball,baseball,rugby,and water polo

What sports use balls?

Golf, Football, Netball, Basketball, Hokey, Squash, Tennis, Waterpolo, Volleyball, Baseball, Rugby.

What types of products does Franklin Sports manufacture?

Franklin Sports manifacture many products for baseball, football, soccer, basketball and street hockey. These products are mostly hats, gloves, balls and protective gear.

What is heaviest between basketball football hockey puck baseball football?

a basketball is 20 ounces. a football is 14 ounces. baseball is 5 ounces, and the hockey puck is 5.5 ounces. this is the weight of all professional balls and pucks used by the NBA NFL NHL and MLB. so basketball to answer your question.

What sort of sporting equipent does Rawlings make?

Rawlings sells a wide variety of sports equipment mostly related to baseball, basketball, hockey, softball and football. Their actual products includes sports clothing and equipment like balls and bats.

How are football and basketball alike?

They both have balls

Finding pi in hobby or sports?

the balls in sports (soccer ball, basketball, etc.)

What are ten names of balls used in sports?

Baseball, Soccer-ball, Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Croquet ball, Cricket ball, Golf ball, Tennis ball, Racket ball, Ping-pong ball, Tether ball, Paintball and Dodge ball.

What things are the same about baseball and basketball?

They both have ball in their name, both use balls but different size. Both team sports and have playoffs. That's about it

Why was the basketball originally orange in color?

Basketball also evolved out of being played with peach baskets and balls which were originally designed for other sports(like "football" or soccer); these balls were made out of leather and such, which had a natural orange-tan colour that most likely was retained and then enhanced as the sport became more formalized.

How much air pressure does a baseball have?

A baseball is not inflate-able like a basketball, football, soccerball, volleyball or tennisball. Those particular balls are hollow with air. A baseball and softball are filled with cork and string.

What is the similar between basketball and handball?

they both use my balls :3

What does basketball tennis and soccer have in common?

They are all summer sports that are played with balls.

What is the word for level 27 on 4 pics 1 word?

The answer to level 27 of 4 pics 1 word is sports. The pictures are a baseball and bat, a tennis player, sports balls, and football players.

How is basketball and baseball different?

Different balls used.

What games involve balls?

Football, Soccer, Baseball, Bocce, Bowling, Tennis, Golf, Softball, Handball, Squash, Cricket, Dodgeball, Basketball, Polo, Rugby to name a few.

What is sports uses coordination?

Most do especially sport which include fast movement and balls. Some are... Table tennis, Football, Baseball, Tennis, Karate and Rounders. These are just a few.

What products does Spalding manufacture?

Spalding makes sports equipment. Whether it's baseball, basketball, soccer, softball or volleyball, Spalding sell the kit you will need: balls, nets, accessories, etc.

Can you compare and contrast soccer and basketball?

yes. well soccer has 11 players while basketball has 5 players. Similarities: both sports use balls. Basketball is a indoor sport and soccer is a outdoor sport. Both sports are played with a ball.

What does it mean when you dream about a tree with 100 s balls on it?

The question is not clear about the sort of "balls" that are on the tree. It may be that you are trying to determine which sport (ball) you will choose - football, baseball, basketball, etc. The tree might represent the options from which you must "pick" only one.

How many sports are there with balls?

A LOT: Football, Basketball, Baseball, Softball, Rugby, Volleyball, Water Polo, Croquet, Soccer, Tennis, Golf, and there probably is many more. okay first of all that's not that many second of all your gay and wrong bitch. yeah that's right but whateverrr.

What are the Similarities between netball and football?

they both use balls and you have got different positions in both sports

How are soccer and basketball similar?

They're both sports, and they both involve balls (yes both ways)

What are some ideas for sports-related gifts for Fathers Day?

If he golfs, than golf clubs or balls are always nice. I new football or baseball mitt could be fun. If lawn sports are more your speed, try a Bocci ball set.

What is the use of geometry in sports?

the angle that players kick in soccer the angle they swing the bat in baseball the angle they shoot in basketball soccer balls have pentagons and hexagons on them