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Q: How many gallons to paint a regulation tennis court?
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When did Jacques paint tennis court oath?

Jacques did not paint the Tennis Court Oath, it was David

How much paint is used on a tennis court?

On average a tennis court requires at least two coats of latex acrylic paint in refinishing the tennis court, and having that tennis court appearance.

How many gallons of paint did it take to paint the whitehouse?

570 Gallons.

How many gallons of paint you need to paint a Dodge Magnum?

3 gallons

How many gallons of paint were used to paint the outside of the White House?

About 3,000 gallons of paint were used to paint the White House.

How many gallons is 100 kilograms of paint?

There are 26.4172051242 gallons of paint in 100 kilograms of paint. Each gallon of paint contains 3.7854118 kilograms of paint.

During a paint sale a hardware store sold 33 gallons of flat paint and 57 gallons of high gloss paint what is the ratio of gallons of high gloss sold to the total gallons sold?


How many gallons of paint does it take to cover 2000square feet of drywall?

It will take about 8 gallons of drywall primer and 8 gallons of paint.

Mark wants to paint a mural. He has 1 1 7 gallons of yellow paint 1 1 8 gallons of green paint and 7 8 gallon of blue paint. Mark plans to use 3 4 gallon of each paint color. How many gallons of paint?

Add the gallons of paint together. Then multiply 34 times 3 and subtract them

How many gallons of paint are used each day?

3 million gallons of paint are used every day.

How many gallons of paint do you need to paint your 14'x72' roof when 5 gallons does 250 square feet?

Just over 20 gallons

What are tennis posts made of?

steel and paint

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