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you can't tell.because diffrent types of people kicks diffrently.

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Q: How many ft will a Nike soccer ball go?
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What brand of soccer ball is the heaviest?

Mikasa FT-5 Goalmaster

Jules kicks a soccer ball off the ground and in the air with an initial velocity of 25 feet per second Approximately what maximum height does the soccer ball reach?

1.6 ft

Soccer pictures and measurement of the soccer's net?

24 ft. wide, 8 ft. high, 4 ft. at the bottom- This is the standard measurement for a soccer net.

How many ft does a ball python get?


The demensions of the biggest soccer ball in the world?

The world's largest soccer ball is 62.5 ft. (19.05 m) in diameter. It is a spherical airship (blimp) powered by four engines/propellers, with pilot and one passenger actually sitting inside the ball. Manufactured by 21st Century Airships Team Inc. of Newmarket, Ontario, Canada.

Measurement of regulation soccer goal?

The regulation size of a soccer goal is 8 ft high by 24 ft wide.

FT mean soccer game?

Ft is full time

How many feet in a foot ball field?

57 ft. because a regular foot ball field is 100 yards......

What is the height of an indoor soccer facility?

The average height of an indoor soccer facility is around 33 ft tall. However, in Canada some indoor soccer facility is only 24 ft tall.

What is the height and width of a soccer net?

8 ft high and 24 ft wide

How tall was Lucille Ball?

Lucille Ball's height was 5 ft 6.5 in

What is a fair ball in teeball?

In t-ball the ball has to be 2 ft. in front of the plate.

What is a average height for a soccer defender?

6 ft

How many tables measuring 9 feet by 5 feet would you need to cover a soccer field 110 yards by 80 yards?

360 9x5 tables Convert yards 110 to 330 ft then convert 80 yards to 240 ft Sq ftis 330 x 240=14,400 sq ft then 9x5= 40 sq ft Table. then Devide 40 in to 14,400 sq ft soccer field. and you come up with 360 9x5 tables

Largest soccer shirt?

The worlds largest soccer shirt is 168 ft. it is enough to cover the statue of liberty.

How do you find the volume of a soccer field?

A soccer field us a two dimensional item and does not have a volume. If you wanted the volume of a soccer field , 1 ft deep, you could do that.

What is a soccer dimension?

A soccer field's dimension varies according to the age. The length can be anywhere from 100-130 ft and the width can be anywhere from 60-100 ft. A soccer field cannot be square though so if the length of the field is only100ft the width must be a maximum of 99ft. A professional soccer field is usually 60-120 or 70-130.

How wide is a soccer field?

about 7 to 80 ft wide

What does ft stand for in a soccer game?

Full Time (I think).

How does friction apply to bowling?

when a bowling ball(reactive ball) goes down the lane, generally the first 38-41 ft are covered with oil. The other 15 ft, the backend or dry is what the ball "hooks" or Reacts off of. the coverstock of the ball expounds the oil on the ball and the fricition between the ball and lane cause the ball to "hook"

How big is the biggest ball of paper?

14 ft high 20 ft long

Hitting a ball 250 ft over a 22 ft high fence how far did it travel?

250 FT. Idiot!!

11 P on a FT or ST?

11 Players on a Football Team or Soccer Team

11 P on a FT?

11 players in a football (soccer) team ;)

If the ball leaves his foot from a height of 4 ft write an equation for the vertical height s (in ft) of the ball t seconds after being kicked?

The answer depends on the direction (upward, horizontal, or downward) in which the ball leaves his foot.