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Q: How many ft in in high school football?
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How wide is football goalpost?

NFL and college 18 ft 6 in high school 23 ft 4 in

What is the average height and weight of a high school football running back?

The average height is ranging from 5 ft to 6 ft and the weight average is 130-165 lbs.

How many feet does the three point in basketball?

NBA-23 ft. NCAA-21 ft. High School-19 ft.

What team is the winningest high school football team in Florida?

That would be Bradenton Manatee followed by Lake City Columbia then Ft Myers.

What are the dimensions of a high school basketball court?

The dimensions of a high school gym's basketball court are 84 ft by 50 ft.A Junior High School's basketball court is 74 ft. by 50 ft.NBA basketball courts are each 94 ft. by 50 ft.a high school b ball court is 80' long and 50' wide

Is 5 ft 4 in 100 pounds big enough to play cornerback for your high school freshman football team?

Get taller and more muscle mass.

What is the size of a basketball court?

94 ft. by 50 ft. for college and NBA, 84 ft. by 50 ft. for high school and 74 ft by 42 ft for elementary school.

How high are football goal posts?

About 10 ft 120in.

How high is the high school basketball goal?

10 ft

Who holds the highest kick on record in football?

2 ft high

What is the size of a high school basketball court?

84 ft by 50 ft

How many feet is the 3 point line from the rim in high school basketball?

19 ft, 9 in

What is considered to be a good shot put throw for a high school girl?

35 ft for high school

How many feet to the three point line to the basketball hoop in NBA?

It's 30 ft I think but I might be wrong but high school is 19 ft

What the difference between a little league baseball and a high school baseball?

The difference is little league's fences are at 200 ft. and most high school fences are 315-400 ft. Also high school pitches from sixty ft. and the bases are at 90 ft. while little league pitches from 45 ft. and the bases are at 60 ft. Actually the pitching distance in Little League is 46 feet.

Approximate length of a football field?

NFL, College, and High Schoool 'football fields are all 360 ft L x 160 ft W or 120 x 53 1/3 yds.All have 10yd deep endzones, making the playing field 100 yd in length. High school goalposts and hash marks are wider the NCAA and NFL.

How tall is the basketball goal on the high school court?

all regulation hoops are 10 ft for middle school, high school, college, and the NBA

Are the dimensions of a high school a college and an NBA basketball court the same?

Dimensions of Basketball CourtsNBA 10 ft collage 10 ft high school 8 ft

How many football fields can you fit in 1300 ft?

a football field is 360 ft i think so like 3.6111111111 with the 1's repeating

What is the size of a regulated basketball court?

Elementary school: 74 ft. by 42 ft. High school: 84 ft. by 50 ft. College and NBA: 94. ft by 50 ft. FIBA: 91.86 ft. by 49.21 ft..

How tall is an high school basketball basket?

10 ft

How many cubic a room 12 10.6 ft. by 8 ft. high?

How many cubic a room 12 10.6 ft. by 8 ft. high?

How many square feet are in an infield?

Roughly 18,300 sq ft. in a high school size field without a grass infield.

Where did thomas go to high school?

Cypress Lake High School in Ft. Myers, Fla... in 71 or 72. C

Fastpitch softball distance between pitching rubber to home plate age 9 yrs 10yrs girls?

generally it is 40 feet, at least for jr high, high school ages under 10 yrs of age are 35 ft, 11-14 is 40 ft and high school is 43 ft