How many free kicks has van persie scored for arsenal?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: How many free kicks has van persie scored for arsenal?
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Who takes corner kicks for arsenal?

Robin Van Persie Takes All Of The Set Pieces (Corners, Penalties, Free Kicks)

Is van persie better than chamakh?

Yes Robin Van Persie the Dutch striker who joined Arsenal from Feynoord, is better then Mar one Chamakh, the reason being Persie takes corners, penalties and free kicks as well. Chamakh does not do them.

How much goals has Cristiano Ronaldo scored from direct free kicks?

Seven free kicks

Who scored the second most free kicks in football?

== ==

Juninho how many he scored free kicks?


What is the percentage of goals scored from free kicks?


Who as scored the most free kicks ever?


Who is better Van der vaart or Robin Van persie?

Free kicks and precision-van persie. Long shot/finesse-van der vaart

How many free kicks has juninho scored?

Juninho is considered the greatest free-kick specialist of all time. As of 17 May 2009, Juninho has scored 44 goals from direct free kicks for Olympique Lyonnais, and he has also scored from free-kicks beyond 40 meters on four occasions.

How many free kicks did Cristiano ronaldo scored?


Who has scored most free kicks in club football?


How many free-kicks has Gerrard scored in his career?