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Q: How many fps is the Tippmann sierra one?
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Where can one purchase Tippmann paintball guns?

There are many places online in which you can purchase a Tippmann paintball gun. You can go to websites like eBay or Amazon where you should be able to find one.

Does the tippmann a5 m107 shroud fit the tippmann 98 custom if not then can you send me a link to buy a M107 shroud for the tippmann 98 custom?

No it does not. there is only one 98 shroud: Related links

Does tippmann 16'' sniper barrel for 98 custom fit alpha black?

Yes, all 98 threaded barrels fit: model 98 98 custom alpha black/ bravo one project salvo/ tango one carver one They will NOT fit: tippmann A5 Tippmann X7/ phenom TPX pistol tippmann prolite spyders or any other companies

What is the caliber of the tippmann 98 custom?

They are actually one in the same. There was never an orginial "model 98" only the custom series. The difference though would be found in the Tippmann 98 custom Platinum series with its easy to remove body. There is also a difference in barrel sizes if im not mistaken but I think the newer 98 customs and platinums have the improved size (the same size as the A5)

Should you get a sierra one paintball gun?

depends on what you are looking for, the sierra one is a tippman 98 clone, its a fairly basic design that is more meant to be customized with milsim parts (to obtain a certain look more than anything) if you are looking at the sierra one i would also check out the BT-4 as it is also a tippmann 98 clone but typically cheaper, as well as many of the spyders in the same price range. the spyders are more feature packed for the same price but you loose the customizability of being able to obtain a certain look that you have with the 98 clones

What egrip will work on a Carver one?

The tippmann 98 egrip.

What is the difference between a bullet traveling at 1235 fps and one traveling at 1300 fps?

65 FPS

Where is a good place to purchase Tippman Paintball Gear?

One of the most obvious places to purchase Tippmann Paintball Gear is on the official website. However, more deals can be found on other sites, such as: Tippmann Pros, Tippmann Parts, and Paintball Online.

Do the accessories for the tippmann 98 fit the tippmann bravo one?

Pretty much all Tippman accessories are universal on all Tippman Models. If it, it will state clearly on the box.

What fps does a normal invert mini have?

a inert mini has about 273 fps i have one

How many feet per second is one mph?

1 mph is 1.47 fps

Can the tippmann Carver one have a stock?

Yes, any 98 stock will fit.