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Q: How many fourth quarter interceptions does Brett Favre have?
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How many career interceptions did Brett Favre throw?

Brett Favre threw 336 career interceptions.

How many career interceptions did Favre throw?

Brett Favre threw 336 career interceptions.

What QB has thrown the most interceptions in the 2011 NFL season?

The quarterback that has the most interceptions is Brett Favre, he has 22 interceptions

How many interceptions does Brett Favre have in 2009?

he threw 7

What NFL quaertbacl has career most interceptions?

Brett favre

Who is the quarterback has thrown more interceptions this year?

Brett favre

Who has caught the most Brett Favre interceptions?

the other team

How many interceptions has Brett Favre had in 2007?

15 Interceptions! (Are you cheating on your facebook trivia now?)

Who threw the most interceptions?

Brett Favre - 366 interceptions in his career, regular season and playoffs.

How many of Brett Favre's interceptions have been returned for touchdowns?


How many playoff interceptions has Brett Favre thrown in his career?


What NFL quarterback has a record for career interceptions?

Through the 2009 season, that is Brett Favre with 317 career interceptions.