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i takes 5

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Q: How many fouls it takes to be disqualified from a basketball gamegame?
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How many fouls does it take to foul out in the NBA playoffs?

It takes 6 fouls to get fouled out in a game of basketball in the NBA

How many team fouls can 1 team have before it becomes 1 on 1in basketball?

It takes, 7 fouls in a half to reach the 1 and 1, at 10 fouls it becomes the double bonus

How many fouls is it in basketball till you get free shots?

It takes seven fouls for it to become a one and one situation, and 8 fouls for two shots. But if someone gets fouled in the act of shooting before there are seven fouls, they get two shots.

What is the time duration of basketball game?

Well usually it takes about maybe an hour but it depends on how many fouls and penalties there are! Hope this helps!

What team sport takes the least amount of time to play?

Basketball because there is only 2 20 minute quarters but fouls and halftime stop the clock and add time to the person playing or watching.

What happens in the Olympics if someone takes drugs?

they would be disqualified!

Is basketball real?

Yes basketball is real because it is a sport that takes hard work and a lot of skill.

Make it takes to be a basketball player?

hard work

What is the lenght of time for an NBA game?

It is 48 min. But with timeouts, fouls, and halftime show it takes a little over 2.5 hours. Also excluding overtime

How do you shoot a basketball like Carmelo Anthony?

do whatever it takes to get the basketball in the goal and someday you might be in the same league as carmelo

Does Olive win the pageant in Little Miss Sunshine?

No, Olive does not win the pageant. She is disqualified and removed from the stage during the talent competition, before the crowning takes place.

Who takes the phone after Whoopie and the basketball player?

jesse james

How long a basketball half takes?

In college basketball a half takes 20 minutes on the clock. In high school and in the NBA a half is 24 minutes on the clock made up of two 12 minute periods.

It pops because of how much air there is in. The air takes over and makes the basketball rip. Too much air can cause a reaction to the basketball. Why does a basketball pop?

a basketball is kinda like a ballon if it has to much air it pops

Why does it takes less effort to throw a marble than a basketball?

Because - a basketball is much heavier - requiring more force to move it !

What happens if a Olympian takes drugs?

If an Olympian is caught taking drugs during the urine-testing, they will be disqualified from the Olympic games, taken off the team, and fined for abusing the rules.

What is the setting of the book the final four?

it takes place in a basketball cout

How long does it takes for a basketball to reach the ground?

Matters how high you drop it from.

How long does it take to fill the bottom of a basketball hoop with water to keep the basketball hoop from falling over?

Good idea! It takes about 5 mins to fill it up but it depends on the size of the basketball basket base.

Why is basketball a good spectator sport?

it takes skill and speed to dribble and shoot

What is it called when you're dribbling a basketball and the defense takes the ball away from you?

A steal.

Who takes ball out to start 2nd half in basketball?

A player of who the ball belongs to.

What are the penalties for breaking the rules in basketball?

If you break a rule in basketball, such as foul or double-dribble, the defending team takes the ball out-of-bounds, meaning it's their ball.

What songs are in love and basketball?

The movie "Love and Basketball" was released in 2000. Some of the songs in the movie are "It Takes Two", "I Like", "Love and Happiness", and "I'll Go".

Can you lose weight playing basketball everyday?

yes you can lose weight playing basketball, it doesn't have to be everyday but it takes time. When you play sports that you are active in you lose weight.