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The number of forms or kata in a style varies from style to style. Your instructors can answer the question for your style.

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There are innumerable styles of Karate. Karate is in fact an umbrella term for all these styles. Most famous of these are- Shotokan, Shito ryu, wado ryu and goju ryu.

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Q: How many forms are there in karate?
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What is Freestyle Karate?

Karate has many forms of practice, freestyle karate is only used in competitions and exhibitions, is a type of karate mixed with gymnastics, there is no default for freestyle kata karate. It is a kata devised by you or your teacher.

Where was karate in vented?

As far as I know (from listening in karate class) martial arts started in China and were brought to Japan along with calligraphy and art. However, the stereotypical, "karate" (there are many many different forms) was "invented" in Japan.

Does Jackie Chan still do karate?

Although Jackie has learned Karate amongst the many different forms of martial arts he has learned, he does Kung Fu not Karate (or Kung Fu Chop Suey as he calls it)

How many basic forms of karate are there?

there are 3 mane types of karate:Shorin ryu, shotokan, goju ryu,.

How many forms are there in karate and where had they come from?

The number of forms varies by school. The style I study has 18 that are the primary focus. Their origins vary, many being developed from Chinese forms, others were created by early instructors.

Where did karate get started?

Karate started in the Ryukyu islands due to the introducing of some forms of chinese martial arts.

How is jiu jitsu different from karate?

Karate is generally more focussing on the forms and standup, on the other hand jiu jitsu is more sparing and no forms, and mostly ground work

Am I only limited to karate using the six sigma program or can I also take other forms of martial arts?

No there are many forms of martial arts with the two most popular being Mixed Martial Arts, and Karate. Kung Fu and other forms of fighting are instructed for various programs including six sigma.

Is karate the exact same thing as tae kwon do?

No, they are very similar, but they are not the same. They are both martial arts and considered hard arts. Karate is from Okinawa and taekwondo is from Korea. Many of the forms taught in taekwondo were taken from the forms or kata of shorinryu karate, but many schools have now changed to different forms. The differences are in the focus, with taekwondo putting more emphasis on high kicks. Karate tends to do less competition work. Martial Arts is a general category that refers to any skills used in combat. Karate is an Okinawan Martial Art that was created there based on local skills combined with White Crane kung fu.

What are the different forms of martial arts?

there is karate/kung fu, and tai quan do

Who founded karate?

There are many differant founders of differant styles of karate. eg: GKR karate or IGK karate Sho-to-kan karate all have differant founders.

How many many karate schools in china?

There are not many karate schools in China. The government there promotes Wushu. Karate is Japanese and the history between the two countries is not good.

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