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There were four countries, South Africa, Nigeria, Ivory Coast and Ghana.

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2010-10-26 13:26:48
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Q: How many football teams was in the world cup from south America?
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Which country has the most football teams in the world?

south africa

How many football teams are there in world?

There are a Total of 1,904,834 Football Teams in the World ( Does not include Reserve or Youth or Girls Football Teams )

How many teams from south America go to the world cup in Brazil?

In the world cup only four countries can make it from South America.

How many latin Americans soccer teams are there?

There were eight South American football teams that qualified for the FIFA World Cup in 2014. There were another seven national teams that did not make it and hundreds more. Soccer is a major sport in Latin America.

How many internaional football teams are in the world?

how many international football teams are in the world

How many football teams get in the world cup from south America?

Usually it's either 4 or 5. For 2014, it will be either 5 or 6 since Brazil is hosting.

What teams have not won the World Cup?

There are many, many of them. Only European & South American teams have won the world cup. South America 9 & Europe 9.

What countries in South America play football?

The following countries play football in South America, these nations participate in the CONMEBOL [World Cup Qualifying] and the Copa Am�Rica.ArgentinaBoliviaBrazilColombiaEcuadorParaguayPeruUruguayVenezuela

How many teams from south America go to the world cup in Africa?

In the 2010 world cup in South Africa there will be four teams taking part. They are Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Paraguay.

How many countries are playing world cup football?

There will be 32 teams completing in the World Cup in South Africa in 2010.

How many Asian countries are there in the football world cup?

There are 4 teams from the Asian Football Confederation: Australia Iran Japan South Korea

How many football teams in the world cup?

32 teams

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