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As of December 2013, English former footballer and current football manager Harry Redknapp has managed the following sides:

1983-1992 - Bournemouth

1994-2001 - West Ham United

2002-2004 - Portsmouth

2004-2005 - Southampton

2005-2008 - Portsmouth

2008-2012 - Tottenham Hotspur

2012- - Queens Park Rangers

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p[ortsmouth spurs

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Q: How many football teams has harry redknapp managed?
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What teams did harry Rednapp play for?

Harry Redknapp played for four teams throughout his career. He started out at West Ham United, before moving to Bournemouth, then Brentford and then the Seattle Sounders. He then moved back to Bournemouth where he would go on to become manager.

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Ron Atkinson cov,forest, Wednesday and villa Graeme Souness blackburn, Liverpool, Newcastle and Southampton Harry Redknapp whose managed West Ham, Portsmouth (twice), Southampton and Spurs. Note: someone originally answered Glenn Hoddle, but Wolves weren't in the Premiership when he managed them.

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