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Q: How many football stadiums are used in Slovenia?
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Related questions

How many stadiums are being used in the 2012 Olympics?

4 Stadiums

What materials are used to build stadiums and why?

there are many materials used to build stadiums but the main materials are stone metal glass.

What type of grass is used for football fields?

Most indoor stadiums use AstroTurf and outdoor stadiums use natural grass. Also most use green grass!:)

How many stadiums will be used in the euro 2012?

8 stadiums will be used. The stadiums are in Warsaw, Gdańsk, Wrocław and Poznań in Poland, and Kiev, Lviv, Donetsk and Kharkiv in Ukraine.

How many stadiums will be used in 2010 world cup?

There will be a total of eight stadiums for the 2010 world cup.

What happens to olympic stadiums once finished with?

The Birds nest will be used for the home of the china football team

What will happen to the stadiums after the 2010 FIFA World Cup?

It can be used for football matches, as well as live concerts.

Could nationals park be used for a football game?

no Baseball stadiums are dimond shape while footballs are oval

How many stadiums will be used in the 2012 Olympics?

17 stadiums will be used, because there will be more contries coming to this olimpics. .:Pie Man:.

How many stadiums used in CWG 2010?


How many stadiums have been constructed for the Commonwealth Games?

26 new stadiums would be used for Commonwealth Games 2010.

How long have they used the light in Sport stadiums?

Floodlights were experimented in Football(Soccer) arount 1878 and they were started in cricket,rugby,Australian rules football arount 1952

What are football stadiums being used for when football is not being played?

The newer ones have really nice meeting rooms that are rented out for business meetings, as well as lounges that are rented out for parties.

Which gas is used in Goodyear blimp that hovers over football stadiums?

Helium is the answer if you don't believe me go on Wikipedia and search blimp.

How many meter in football?

The length of football pitches vary, but must be between 120m and 90m in length and between 50m and 100m in width. The standard length used in the professional stadiums of the world, like Old Trafford is 105m in length and 68m in width.

How many stadiums are going to be used in the 2010 soccer World Cup in South Africa?

10 stadiums in 9 different cities hosted the matches.

What team's stadium is called Camden Yards?

The stadiums are used by the Baltimore Orioles of Major League Baseball and the Baltimore Ravens of the National Football League

Why are stadiums important to the people that live around them?

Sports stadiums are also used for various types of events in off seasons. They bring a lot of economic activity to a region, and many businesses surrounding the stadiums depend on this activity to make money.

Did Slovenia used to be Yugoslavia?

Slovenia used to be one of the republics of Yugoslavia.

What could you say iron is used for?

iron is used by many manufacturers around the world to buil stadiums buildings etc

What currency is used in Slovenia?

Euros. Slovenia is in the European Union.

What will the world cup stadiums be used for after the world cup 2010?

International Friendly matches and League games (If there are not enough stadiums for leagues).

Why can't you sit in a greek stadium?

When the ancient Greeks used their stadiums, people could sit. These days you are not allowed to sit in most Greek Stadiums because the government is trying to protect these ancient works from too many people.

What is the name of the US soccer team national stadium?

The U.S. had many stadiums used for soccer, but no designated national stadium.

What year did the CFL football first have stripes?

For night games in the West during the 1950s, a yellow football was used that had a black stripe around each end. The lighting in the stadiums was nowhere as bright as it is today, and a yellow ball was much easier for players, officials and fans to see.