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There are 11 players in a football team for either (American) football or "soccer".

American football:
There are 53 on the team plus a practice squad of 5. Only 11 can be on the field between the lines during play.

11different positionsin the team onthe field,plus other players sitting onthe bench.

That's for "soccer", but the same answer applies to "American football", with different numbers of substitutes.

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2013-03-22 04:32:47
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2012-05-29 22:18:22

There are 11 starting players on Offense and Defense. I think it varies how many players are actually on the roster. It also depends when in the season we are talking about. In preseason, there are more than during the actual season.

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2020-09-21 05:16:11


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Q: How many football players in a football team?
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