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There are 12 football players on the field at the same time. (both sides combined)

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Q: How many football players are on a football field with both sides combined?
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How many official football players are on the field during a game?

There are 22 players on the field if you count both sides. Basically making 11 players on the field for one side.

How many players are on a arena football field at one time?

In American (gridiron) Football, there are twenty-two (22) players on the field; eleven (11) on each of two teams. In Arena Football, 8 players are on the offensive and defensive sides of the ball for a total of 16.

How many sides are on a football game?

There are two teams. At some playing fields, the teams station themselves on opposite sides of the field, hence 'sides'. An American football field is shaped in a rectangle. While there are four 'sides', the longer sides are called 'sides' and the shorter sides are called 'ends'.

What type of measurement will you use to calculate how big the surface of a football field?

The lengths of its sides

How many players are on the field for a soccer game?

22 you have 2 teams, both teams have 11 players on the field (and some on the bench, but that wasn't your question) you've got 10 players and 1 goalkeeper.. or 20 players and 2 goalkeepers if you count both sides

What is the most popular sport in Britain?

The most popular sport in Britain is football. Football is played by two sides, consisting of eleven players and 2 goals.

What does riverside mean in football?

"Riverside" in football means to have the offense and the defense switch sides of play on the field. It is usually said during a practice when the coach wants to have the offense go the opposite direction on the field, he will say "Riverside it" telling the offense and the defense to switch sides.

What does a weak play mean in football and does it mean the play is not as good like weak as in a weak counter?

A play is a "weak" play when it is run to the weak side of the field. This means that the play is run to the side of the field with less players. Usually weak plays are run to the side opposite the tight end in the standard football pro-style formation. If the formation is balanced meaning equal players on both sides of the football the weak side is considered to be the opposite side of the natural throwing motion of the quarterback.

What is off sides in lacrosse?

off sides is when there are too many players when on one side of the field such as an attackmen crossing the midfield line with all 3 midfielders past it

Do the players switch sides in tennis?

Yes, the players switch sides in tennis. Every odd game total is when players switch sides. For example, after the first game, players switch sides. This goes for after the third game, and so forth.

How many sides in a combined triangle and hexagon?

Not quite sure what to make of "combined". If they are disjoint, there are 9 sides. Otherwise, up to 15.

Are all pro football fields end zones on a north south lay out?

No, not all pro football fields have a north/south layout. For example, the new multi-billion dollar Texas Stadium lays east to west. There is no rule in the nfl rule book that requires endzones to be on the north/south sides of the field. Most fields have endzones on the north/south sides so the sun doesn't shine in the players' eyes. This becomes a moot point in domed stadiums. Although the football colloquium "a north/south runner" can still be used to refer to players playing on a field that lays east/west. This phrase refers to backs who don't use fancy footwork to gain yardage; rather, they run up the middle of the field with little deviation.

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