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As of the 2008 season, the last meeting between the two teams was the 1982 Cotton Bowl with Texas winning 14-12.

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No. I believe that the University of Texas and The University of Alabama have played seven football games. UT has won six and tied one.

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Q: How many football games has the University of Alabama won since 2000?
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How many National Championships has the University of Alabama won since 1927?

The University of Alabama has won 11 National Championships in football since 1927.

Does Alabama football divert resources from more worthy academic needs in universities and colleges of Alabama?

Funds raised by the football program at the University of Alabama (including gate, merchandise and SEC participation) are used by the University to fund academic and sports at the University of Alabama. Talk to anyone who is a fan and you will learn that there is no "more worthy academic needs" than those at the University of Alabama, a state university that has served Alabama since 1831. It is the flagship of the state system that it whole-heartedly supports.

What is the win loss record between university of Alabama and the university of Michigan since the series began?

As of the 2007 season, Georgia leads the series 45-37-2.

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Where is the stadium from Auburn Tigers football located?

The University of Auburn Tigers play their home football games at Jordan-Hare Stadium. Located on the campus in the city of Auburn, Alabama, the stadium has a capacity of 87, 451. The Tigers have played in the stadium since 1939.

Why is it that Auburn fans get more excited over football games than Alabama fans?

Auburn hasn't won a championship since 2010 so they have show some emotion

What college or university has produced the most Super Bowl players since the conception of the Super Bowl?

University of Alabama

Why are auburn fans called barners?

A term used to describe fans and/or alumni of Auburn University. The term originated, in part, from the fact that Auburn University is located in a more rural area of Alabama and has a large Department of Agriculture. Additionally, former University of Alabama head football coach Paul "Bear" Bryant referred to Auburn as a "cow college." Since Bryant is a god of sorts to most Alabama Crimson Tide football fans, this solidified the term. It is important to note that this term is most often used by Alabama football fans who couldn't tell you anything about the school unless it is football-related. I was gonna take that minimum wage job in the city, but when I found out the company's owned by a stinking barner, I decided to just stay on unemployment.

Ohio State University football record at home since 2002?

What is the home record in football for Ohio State since 2002?

What is the win loss record between university of Alabama and the university of Georgia since the series began?

Alabama has 36 wins and Georgia has 25..with one tie. Their first meeting was in 1895.

What year did the university of Alabama start playing football?

Florida's first game came in 1906 against the Gainesville Athletic Club. Florida won 6-0.

How many bowl wins does Kentucky have?

Since 1946, the University of Kansas Jayhawks have been to 12 bowl games. Their record is 6-6.