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Q: How many football fields can you fill up with 22.45 tons of rubbish?
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How many football field can fill the earth?

Ten of Thousand of Million of football field

What do you do with rubbish?

Rubbish is another name for garbage. Rubbish should be taken away each week by the garbage man and disposed of at a land fill properly.

How much waste is there in landfills?

It depends which sort of land fill you mean. If it is a small rubbish dump on a local farm probably around 50 pieces of rubbish but if you are thinking about a major land fill, way more than 50 Billion pieces of rubbish would be in that land fill alone.

Is it illegal to dig a hole in your land plot an fill it with rubbish?


What are the ways used to dispose of rubbish?

Burning Land fill Recycling Composting Dumping

How many footballs fill a football field?


How do you fill a football with air?

Show some solutions

How do you enter a check in to quickbooks?

Go to Banking>Write checks and fill in the fields.

What does the City Council do with your rubbish?

Paper, tins, glass and garden waste all get recycled, the rest goes into land fill.

Why would gas not be suitable to fill the tube that moves the piston in the rubbish - mover?

Gas is likely to be too easy to compress.

How many people can fill the 49ers football stadium?


How do you fill air in a football if the hole on the inner rubber bladder has moved?

Buy a new football. Sorry.

How many soccer fields does it take to fill up 5 acres?

If you make a 100yd by 60yd field, it would need 326 fields to be filled.

Why do have to fill a football with air to inflate it?

You have to inflate a football that you want to play with beecause you won't be able to kick it otherwise.

How many blue whales would fill a football field?


Where to fill co2 bottles?

Sporting goods stores, Paintball fields and some Gas stores.

Where does your household rubbish end up?

Household rubbish can end up in a numerous amount of places. It usually ends up in a land fill, though where it will decay over years. In some states though it ends up on the streets and into the oceans.

What is a land fill site?

A land fill site is a piece of land that is used to put rubbish in. The landfill site is then covered in soil after it has become full or no longer required there and then a lanfill site will move to another location.

What was Henri Matisse's greatest contribution to the world of art?

He drew some rubbish and salty wet pictures and it contribute by filling up the land fill.

What did the egyptians use to get water out of the nile?

Egyptians used to dig little trenches from the Nile to their fields. These trenches would fill with water and make sure that the fields stayed hydrated.

Why are some form fields yellow?

If you have the Google Toolbar, it is the AutoFill tool. If you input the same info into certain fields often, it remembers the data and saves it locally on your computer. Then, you can click a button and automatically fill in data fields, saving you time.

How do you make a yahoo account?

Simple! All you need to do is go on, click sign up and fill the fields!

Why so many players on a football team?

to fill all of the positions and have extra for injuries

What does flex mean in fantasy football?

Flex is a position in Fantasy Football. It means that you can use a player from a list of eligible positions (depending on your league rules) to fill the flex position. For example, you may use a TE to fill the flex position one week and a WR to fill it the next. It is a flexible position.

Why do some people eat rubbish?

because it tastes good there's no real health benefits and it doesn't really fill you up but it tastes good and its quick and easy.