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5: Aston villa, Liverpool, Charlton Athletic, Northampton town, York city

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Q: How many football clubs names start and finish with the same letter?
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The names of all the football clubs that David Beckham has played for?

;l Find It Out

What are the names of the clubs in football whom take part in fifa world cup?

Here countries take part and not clubs.

What are the names of the famous spanish football clubs?

They are Barcelona, Real Madrid, Valencia, Villarreal, And Athletico Madrid.

What are all the clubs names in the premiership in football season 2013?

Manchester united Manchester city Chelsea Arsenal Tottenham

How many nfl team names do not finish with the letter s?


Explain football club names ie FC 88 89 90 91 etc?

The FC is normally used for "football club." Many of the US clubs (where the term "soccer" is used) use FC to be more in line with the typical football club names.

What are the names of football teams beginning with the letter K?

Kansas City Chiefs are a football team in the NFL. They begin with the letter K.

What are the names of football teams that start with you?

The University of Utah Utes is a football team. It begins with the letter U.

What are the last names of English league football clubs apart from city and united?

Oldham ATHLETIC, Preston NORTH END, Tottenham HOTSPUR

Football team names starting with the letter G?

The Greenbay Packers

What are the names of football teams beginning with the letter A?

Arsenal, Aston Villa

What are the names of famous athletes who last names with the letter u?

· Johnny Unites (football) · Westley Unseld (basketball) · Gene Upshaw (football)