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Q: How many first round draft picks on San Francisco 49ers roster?
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Was terrel Owens on the 1995 San Francisco 49ers?

No.Terrell Owens first year with the 49ers, and first year in the NFL, was 1996. He was a 3rd round draft choice of the 49ers in the 1996 NFL draft.

Who was the first pick in the 2005 NFL Draft?

2005 Alex Smith QB Utah San Francisco 49ers

Who was the San Francisco 49ers first selection in 1995 nfl draft?

Wide receiver J.J. Stokes of UCLA.

Who was the San Francisco 49ers first selection in the 1995 NFL draft?

WR J.J. Stokes from UCLA with the 10th overall selection.

How many number one draft picks in the 2010 nfl draft do the 49ers own?

The 49ers have 2 first round draft picks in the 2010 draft. the 13th overall and the 17th overall.

When was the last time a MSU Linebacker was drafted in the first round of the NFL Draft?

2000 when Julian Peterson was selected in the 1st round by the San Francisco 49ers.

Who was the San Francisco 49ers first quarterback?

Joe Montana

When did San Francisco 49ers first win the Super Bowl?


What was the name of the first quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers?

Frankie Albert in 1946

Which super bowl did the sans francisco 49ers win their first championship?


How did the Patriots get their NFL 2008 draft pick back?

They didn't. The 1st round draft choice they have in the 2008 draft was acquired from the 49ers last year in a trade the 49ers made so they could move up in the draft and select offensive tackle Joe Staley. The 49ers traded their fourth round choice in 2007 and their first round choice in 2008 for the Patriots first round choice in 2007 which the 49ers used to select Staley. The Patriots lost their first round choice in 2008, the 31st overall, but were not stripped of the 1st rounder obtained via the 49ers trade.

Which nfl team won five Super Bowls first?

The San Francisco 49ers.

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