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They suck.

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Q: How many final four appearances has University of Missouri made in the NCAA?
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How many NCAA tourney appearances does the Missouri mens basketball team have?

As of 2009, 22 NCAA tournament appearances. 3 elite 8 appearances prior to the 2009 tournament.

Which team has the most ncaa tournament appearances without a final four appearance?

Including the 2012 NCAA Tournament: Brigham Young University has made the Tournament 28 times and has never made it to the Final Four. Missouri is second, with 26 appearances without ever making the Final Four. Xavier, which so far has won in the 2012 tournament as this is being written, is third with 22 years without an appearance.

What ncaa coach has the most final four appearances?

John Wooden

What NCAA men's Division I basketball team has reached the NCAA Tournament the most times without ever advancing to the Final Four?

Brigham Young University has made 22 NCAA Tournament appearances without advancing to the final four. This is as of the end of the 2007 season.

Has the University of Missouri at Columbia won any NCAA mens Championships?

Missouri has never won an NCAA championship.

How Many NCAA Sweet 16 appearances for University of Arizona?


How many men's basketball NCAA championships has the University of Texas won?

None. Their best showings were Final Four appearances in 1943, 1947 and 2003.

How many NCAA tourney appearances have Michigan state university had?

Michigan State has had 22 NCAA Tourney appearances. They curently sit 28th on the the all-time list.

What team has had the most NCAA tournament appearances without making it to the Final Four?


How many times has University of Louisville been in the NCAA Men's basketball playoffs?

They have 38 NCAA Tourney appearances at this time

What team has the most NCAA tournament wins without ever reaching the final four?

BYU or Missouri -- it's one of them. I'm pretty sure it is Boston College. 18 tournament appearances, 22 wins, no final fours.

How many times has NC state Wolfpack been to NCAA final four?

NC State has made 3 NCAA Final Four appearances (1950, 1974, 1983).

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