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The dots are about 5 feet out and the arrows are about 15 feet out.

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Q: How many feet from foul line to set of dots mark on the lane?
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How far is Foul line in bowling?

There are three sets of dots on the approach:First set located about 15 feet from the foul lineSecond set is 12 feet awayThird set is approximately 3 inches away.Some centers do not use targeting dots at the further levels.

How many feet are the arrows from the foul line on bowling lane?

From the foul line (the black strip one-half inch wide that runs across the beginning of the lane)... to the center of the head pin is 60 feet, with a tolerance of +or- half inch.

How many rows of dots are on the approach?

There are 2 row's of dots on a bowling lane approach. One is at the back of the approach about a foot up from the back edge and the other is about 3 feet toward the foul line. The center dot is the center of the lane. They are there to help you remember where you stand when you start your approach. Some lanes have 5 dots per row and some have 7 dots.

How far is it from the foul line to the long jump pit?

First Response:It can change, but from the foul line to the furthest set of dots is 15 feet. There is no standard for any length after that.Second Repsonse:The distance from the foul line to the start of the approach is to be a minimum of 15 feet.

How long is a bowling lane in candlepin?

Exactly the same length as in tenpin Bowling: 60 feet from the foul line to the headpin.

What is the length of the oil pattern on a bowling lane?

The alley or lane is 60 feet long from the foul line (at the player's end) to the center of the head (first) pin at the other end. The total length from the foul line to the end of the pin deck (the area under the pins) is 62 feet 10 and 3/16 inches long.

How long is a bowling ball?

A Bowling lane is 60 feet long from foul line to the center of the headpin, and 62 feet 10 inches from the foul line to the back of the pins. It can range from 41-42 inches wide.

How long is a standard bowling alley?

A bowling lane is 60 feet long from the foul line to the center of the headpin. Each pin is 12 inches apart center to center. And the approach (the part you walk on) is 15 feet long.

What line is the foul line in bowling?

the foul line is the line that line that seperates the actual lane that the ball slides on and the part that you walk on. if you cross that line then you get points taken off of your score.

What is the lenth of a bowling alley lane?

First Answer:The distance from the beginning of the approach to the foul line must be at least 15 feet. From the foul line to the center of the #1 pin spot is 60 feet with a tolerance of 1/2 inch allowed. From the center of the #1 pin spot to the beginning of the pit is 2 feet, 10 3/16 inches. Second Answer:Lane Length - From foul line to the pit, it is 62 feet 10 3/16 inches (not including the tail plant).Lane Width - the lane width from beginning to end is 41-42 inches (usually counted as 41.5 inches). Including the channels (gutters) the lane must be between 60 inches and 60 1/4 inches.Approach - from the foul line to the beginning of the approach, the length cannot be less than 15 feet.Pin Spacing - Each pin must be 12 inches from each other center of pin to center of pin.A Baby Split- the pins are 25.5 inches away from each other

What score is recorded when player commits a foul in bowling?

well you do this and that and that constituts a foul in Bowling stepping over the foul line at the lane before you let go

What is a foul in bowling?

a foul is when you step over the black line when the floor meets the bowling lane