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there are 90 feet between bases so a total of 360 feet gets you from home around the bases and back home again

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Q: How many feet are around a baseball field?
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How many feet are between bases on a baseball field?

On a major league baseball field it is 90 feet in between bases.

How many feet in a baseball field?

90 ft

How many feet is a baseball field from home plate to the outfield?

150 feet

How many miles is a baseball field?

There are many different answers. The feet on a baseball field is important to measure the mile's the answer has alot of answers.

How many square feet are in a baseball field?

A baseball infield is 90ft on a side. Thus the square feet of the infield is 90 x 90 = 8100 square feet. The square feet of the entire playing field, infield and outfield, varies. Every baseball field has slightly different dimensions. So any answer for the square feet of a baseball field would have to be an average of all baseball fields surveyed.

How many square feet of a baseball field is covered in grass?

Approximately 200,00 square feet

How many feet to the outfield fence on a softball field?

It varies depending upon the field but an estimate is around 200-400 feet

How many feet is it from home to second baseball?

If you mean by correctly going around the bases, then 180 feet. Home to first is 90 feet, and first to second is another 90 feet. If you aren't going around the bases and you are just going straight to second, it is about 127 feet (on a major league field).

In youth baseball how many feet from home plate to second base on 70'' field?


How many feet is it around baseball diamond?

360 the is 90 feet in between each base

How many feet is it to the left field fence in Turner field?

335 feet

How many laps around a baseball field equals a mile?

24 laps

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