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Q: How many fans does mile high hold?
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How many miles are in the tallest building?

Less then half a mile no building is any where near a mile high but the mile high tower which may be built in dubia will be a mile high

How many gallons of water will a cubic mile hold?

1 cubic mile = 1.10111715 × 1012 US gallons.

Why is mile high stadium called mile high stadium?

Denver is a mile high from sea level, hence its moniker as the Mile High City.

How many lemmings does it take to fill the mile high stadium?

Lemmings can never fill the Mile High Stadium, because they keep jumping out.

How many laps in a high school track for a mile?

4 laps make 1 mile

Where do the broncos play?

The Denver Broncos play their home games at Mile High Stadium (with Invesco Field).The NFL's official stance is that it is 'Invesco Field at Mile High Stadium' but that phrasing will result in unpleasant experiences if said at the actual stadium surrounded by Bronco fans.

Why is Mile High Stadium called Mile High?

Because it is over one mile above sea level, and thus is 'a mile high.'

How many nickels in a mile high stack?

825,305 of them.

How many miles around a high school track would equal a mile?

If the track is 1/4 mile, four times = 1 mile

How many pennies are in a 10 mile high tower?


What year did Mile High Stadium change to Invesco Field at Mile High?

The inagural year of Invesco Field at Mile High was 2001

What is the duration of Mile High?

The duration of Mile High is 2940.0 seconds.

How many miles is 1000 feet high?

I mile = 5,280 feet. So 1,000 feet is about 1/5 mile.

Why is milehigh stadium called mile high stadium?

it is called mile high stadium because Denver is a mile high above sea level

When did Mile High Pinball happen?

Mile High Pinball happened in 2005.

When did Mile High end?

Mile High ended on 2005-07-20.

When was Mile High created?

Mile High was created on 2003-02-16.

When did Mile High Stadium end?

Mile High Stadium ended in 2002.

When was Mile High Stadium created?

Mile High Stadium was created in 1948.

When was Mile High Comics created?

Mile High Comics was created in 1969.

When was the Two-Mile-High completed and how long did it take?

The two-mile-high tower is a proposed project, which has not been built. Many architects claim that it is not possible to build anything that high. See related links.

Why is the nickname of Denver mile high city?

Denver's nickname is the "Mile high city' because it is a mile above sea level.

How far above sea level is mile high stadium?

Mile High Stadium is one mile above sea level

Where is the Mile-High city?

I believe that Denver Colorado is called the Mile High City.

Which city is known as the Mile-High City?

Denver is known as the Mile-High City.