How many fans do the Yankee's have?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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More then 150,00 Fan Clubs

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Q: How many fans do the Yankee's have?
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How many Yankees fans were at game six?

The attendance for game 6 of the 2009 World Series was 50,315 but, I cannot tell you how many Yankees Fans were there. I'm sure most.

Are there more Boston fans than Yankees fans?

Yes since Boston has a NATION and the Yankees are the EVIL EMPIRE.

Better fans mets or Yankees?

Yankees have the best fans! I'm a Yankee fan and am very faithful to my team.

Which baseball team has the best fans?

The Yankees have the best fans!

Who are the best fans in baseball?


Why do the Red Sox hate the Yankees?

The Red Sox "FANS" hate the Yankee "FANS".

Are there more Red Sox fans than Yankee fans?

Probably more Yankees fans because they have more wins then Boston.

Who do the New York Yankees get their salaries from?

The Yankees get their salaries from the ownership, the fans in attendance to their games, and the money from the vendors.

Are there more Red Sox fans or Yankee fans in Connecticut?

That depends on which team happens to be in first place at the time you're asking the question.

How many fans would come to the Yankees game in the 1920s?

The New York Yankees played at the Polo Grounds in 1920, and had ahome attendance of 1,289,422. The Polo Grounds was home to the New York Giants, and the Yankees were just tenants. The Yankees were out drawing the Giants in attendance over the next couple of years, and the Giants wanted the Yankees out, forcing the Yankees to build Yankees Stadium.

How do Cub fans feel about the Yankees?

They might not care too much about them.

Do Red Sox have more fans than Yankee?

absolutely not Yankees are a much better team therefor have more fans