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Right now Manchester United has won 5 FA cups under Sir Alex Ferguson. The years are; 2004, 1999, 1996, 1994, 1990.

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Q: How many fa cup titles have man u won with sir alex?
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How many league titles did sir alex win at man you?

Alex had won 13 league titles with Man United.

How many championships won Alex Ferguson?

As Man United manager he won 9 league titles

Who has more fa cup titles than man united?


What was the 1st trophy alex Ferguson at man utd?

FA cup

How many trophies has man utd and Liverpool won?

Man Utd=19 titles Liverpool=18 titles

How many titles have man you won?

i think the answer is 19

What trophies have man united won under alex Ferguson?

FA Cup Carling Cup Premier League Champions League

How many titles did man united win?

19 Premier League Titles. 3 Champions League Titles. Chelsea is better.

How many trophies has alex fergurson won with man utd?

Sir Alex Ferguson has won 27 trophies with Manchester united the most recent one was 2-1 to man utd vs. Aston villa in the carling cup final

How many titles in all does man united have won?

Man Utd has won 20 league titles which is the most by any team in EPL.

How many titles have united won compared with Chelsea?

Man United have won 11 titles compared to Chelsea who have won only 3 titles compared to Man U. So Man U have won 8 more titles than Chelsea!

How many titles have man utd won?

Manchester United have won 19 league titles as of 2013

How many premiership titles have man utd won?


How many titles has Man U won?

19 title.

How many premier ship titles have man you won?


What was the first trophy sir alex Ferguson carried in Man United?

After four years in charge, Sir Alex finally won his first trophy with Man Utd: the 1990 FA Cup.

What cups has sir Alex Ferguson won a man you?

Carling cup,18 league cups and more!

How many trophies do man united have?

32 trophies +18 titles

How many UEFA champions league titles has man utd won?

Manchester United has won 19 league titles.

How many league has man utd titles won?

they have won 19 league titles. The best record in English footbal

How many premier leagues have man you won?

They have won 18 league titles

When was Alex Man born?

Alex Man was born on 1957-07-25.

How league titles have man utd won?

have man utd ever won league titles on goal differance

What word means a woman or a man who has no titles in Things Fall Apart?

Agbala means woman, or man who has no titles.

How many league titles does everton hold?

Everton have 9 League titles, which is the fourth best in England behind, Liverpool, Man United and Arsenal.