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5 (contested by both men and women)

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Q: How many events make up Olympic alpine skiing?
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How many events make up the Olympic Biathlon?

The Olympic, and for that matter, any, biathlon, consists of two events. In the case of the Olympics, these two events are cross-country skiing and rifle shooting.

What different parts or components make up alpine skiing?


What downhill skiing events are there in the Olympics?

This is NOT who won... (:In Alpine Skiing (commonly referred to as "downhill skiing"), there are currently five events:SlalomGiant slalom (GS)Super GDownhillCombined (Traditionally composed of one run of downhill plus two runs of slalom, although the new "super combi" format including just one run of downhill is more common and will make its Olympic debut in 2010)Additionally, there are three Freestyle Skiing events:MogulsAerialsSkicross (or "skiercross"), which will make its Olympic debut at Vancouver in 2010 and is grouped under freestyle despite being a timed event with no judged component

What events make up the Olympic Heptathlon?


What kinds of events make up the olympic games and athletes compete in them?

what kinds of events make up theOlympic games, and what athletics compete in them?

What did skis improve in alpine skiing?

The carving shape coming from snowboarding to make more fluent turns so you can keep your speed quiet constant in a corner and are able to accelerate when coming out a turn.

Why is one Olympic game called a decathlon?

Ten events make up the decathlon.

How come sonic is slower in Mario and sonic at the olympic games?

To make fair gameplay for the events. It's not fair to make Sonic race in the events and beat everyone in 0.0001 seconds.

Is freestyle skiing the same as aerial skiing?

aerial skiing is one form of freestyle skiing. Moguls and aerials make up freestyle skiing

Name 12 winter your summer olympic events?

tell me what it is don't make me tell youu geeze

What is a ski race?

Alpine There are 4 main types of alpine ski racing: slalom, giant slalom, super giant slalom and downhill. In the events you must ski around "gates" without missing a gate or you will get disqualified. You race against people in your age and gender and whoever make it down the course the fastest wins! Cross-country Is divided into classic and free (skate) categories or a combination of them. You ski a track which is a mix of uphill, downhill and flat parts ranging typically from a few to 50 kilometers. And as for alpine skiing, fastest to complete the course wins.

What is a ski-race?

In Alpine skiing there are 4 main types of ski racing, slalom, giant slalom, super giant slalom and downhill. In the events you must ski around "gates" without missing a gate or you will get disqualified. You race against people your age and gender and whoever make it down the course the fastest wins! In cross-country skiing there are two main types, free (skate) and classic style. You ski a prepared track typically between 2 and 50 kilometers long.

What is the importance of strength in skiing?

The importance of strength in skiing is that strength can make skiing easier while navigating slopes and is somewhat similar to endurance in skiing.

What part of the olympic games involves an activity called the decathlon how many events do you think make up the decathon?

Answer it yourself

What events make the modern pentathlon in the Olympic games?

Swimming, Fencing (Epe), Running and Shooting (Combined event), Riding

What is the difference between cross country skiing and downhill skiing?

Downhill skiing won't make you die of heart failure.

Will women's boxing debut make its debut in the London 2012 Olympic games?

There were 3 Women's Boxing Events for the 2012 Olympics

How do you get in shape for skiing?

To get in shape for skiing make sure you exercise and build strength in your arms and legs.

How do you make an Olympic team?

how do you make an olympic wrestling team

How do you try out for swimming in Olympics 2012?

If you are in the United States then first you must be a registered USA Swimming member. Then you must make a qualifying Olympic Trials cut. After that, if you finish in the top 2 at Trials ( for most events) you will be selected to be on the 2012 Olympic Team:)

Is it true that womens's boxing will make its olympic debut at the London olympic games?

Yes this is true. The London 2012 Olympic Games is the first Olympic Games to allow female boxers to participate. They are eligible to participate in three events:Flyweight (51kg)Lightweight (60kg)Middleweight (75kg)

Will womens boxing make it's debut at the London Olympic games 2012?

Yes the have already decided the Bronze Medal events today August 9, 2012.

How do they make holes in the Olympic Torch?

They use a drill to make holes in the Olympic Torch.

What kind of examples can you make for the word Olympic?

mop, pic, pom And that is all that I can make out of Olympic!

What are the similarities between modern Olympic games and Greek Olympic games?

Greek Olympic Games inspired modern Olympic Games. One similaritty is the time between the events. In old Greek, Olympic Games happens every year, but only each four years happens the Olympic Games dedicated to Zeus, the major god in Olimpo. Other similaritie is the competittion between regions, today, countries. Other point is the competittion in running, the oldest sport in Olympic Games. More than that, the fire to make open the event is inspired in old Greek.