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In the men's all around there are 6 different events. They are Floor, Vault, single bar, pommel horse, Rings, and Parallel bars

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Q: How many events in the men's all around gymnastics event?
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How many event in women gymnastics?

In women's artistic gymnastics (what is known as regular gymnastics) has four events. The Balance Beam, the Uneven Bars, the Vault, and the Floor Exercise. Athletes may choose the events individually and just compete that event, or they may choose to compete in the all around competition. Meaning they compete on all four apparatuses.

How many gymnasts compete in all around?

Any gymnast who competes all four events (in womens' gymnastics), beam, vault, bar, and floor, is eligible to place in All around. i don't know specifics about mens gymnastics, but i believe it's the same theory. any gymnast who competes on every event can compete in all around.

How many judges in total are needed to judge a gymnastic competition?

Well there has to be a minimum of one judge per event. In a lot of club gymnastics, (private clubs that are not associated with public schools or the Olympics) the competitions will run all events at once to make the meet go quicker. In women's gymnastics there are 4 events and men's there are 6 events. Most gymnastics competitions have at least 2 judges per event to ensure any mistakes and fair judging to each performance by the gymnast. In college gymnastics, most competitions run 2 events at one time. So in that case, there could be as few as 4 judges at one Tim as opposed to 12 judges at a private club gymnastics meet. There are several factor that influence the number of judges and it is different for every meet.

How many medals up for grabs for gymnastics in london olympic 2012?

Gymnastics has 3 disciplines with 18 events and 54 Medals. They are Artistic gymnastics (14) , Rhythmic gymnastics (2), & Trampoline (2)

How many medals did gymnast get in the Olympics?

54 18 of each of the Gold Silver and Bronze medals Artistic gymnastics had 8 Men's Events and 6 Women's Events, Trampoline and Rhythmic gymnastics had 2 events each

How many people in gymnastics team event?

only 10 through 20

How many possible gymnastics gold medals can one win in the Olympics?

Women's Gymnastics Competition: 6 All Around = 1 Team = 1 (Each team member receives a medal which may alter your count.) Individual Event Medals = 4 (Floor, Vault, Bars, Beam) Men's Gymnastics: 8 All Around - 1 Team = 1 Individual Events: 6 (Floor, Vault, Parallel Bars, Pommel Horse, Rings, High Bar) I don't think it has ever been accomplished but an athlete would have to win the All Around Competition as well as each individual event and also be a member of the winning team. Women: 6, Men: 8 There are also rules that may enter into an athlete's eligibility to win this many medals, but I am not sure.

What are the terminology of gymnastics?

There are many different terminologies in gymnastics. Depending on the club you practice at and the event you are on. There are also two kinds of gymnastics: Artistic Gymnastics and Rhythmic Gymnastics.For example, the place i go calls a backhandspring, a flipflop and walkovers, handstand bridges

How many sports events were at the 2012 Olympics?

The 2012 Summer Olympic features 36 sporting events with a total 302 individual event competitions (including non-final events) over the entire Olympic period. These 36 events can also be classified into 26 sports (e.g. archery, swimming, gymnastics, etc.) categories in a total of 39 disciplines.

How many new zealanders are competing in rhythmic gymnastics?

The have not entered an athlete in any Gymnastic event

How many times has china won the team gymnastics event at the olympcic games?

Once in 2008.

What year did Olympics originate?

It should be around 775- 776 B.C. in Greece. It consisted with many events including: running, Javelin tosses, Jumping events, Boxing, and a Wrestling event.

How many event does the Olympics have?

36 events

How many events in the heptathlon event?


How many men and women competed in gymnastics events at the 2004 Olympics?

Well I think many people were inspired by Carly Patersons victory and I know she has many fans all over...did you know she quit gymnastics to become a singer??

What equipment use to be used in gymnastics?

Gymnastics has many types of equitment. It has the same ones for a LONG time. You use a VAULT,,,BARS,,,,,BEAM,,,,AND FLOOR(my favorite event to do)......WELL THERE IS YOUR ANWSER!!!!

How many medals did Ashleigh Brennan win in 2012?

Neither her nor Australia won any medals for women's gymnastics. They also did not win medals in any of the men's gymnastics events

How many event can you do in gymnastics?

There is beam, floor, vault, and bars. For boys it is different. So your answer is 4...

How many events are there in gymnastics for boys?

There are a lot of actives like basketball, dodge ball, just to name a few.

An important event in chains?

There are many events that are important to chains. The main event if chain is the Civil War.

How many event are in womens or girls gymnastic?

Four Events.

How many events do men do in gymnastics?

6! Rings, pommel horse, high bar, floor parallel bars, vault.

How many main events are in a girls and women gymnastics?

Four. Vault, uneven bars, balance beam, and floor exercise.

How many major global sports events are there?

soccer,hockey,rugby,tennis,squash,swimming,gymnastics,track and field

Were all the Olympic gymnastics events running from the start?

No. In ancient times, the Greeks would "vault" over running bulls. In the modern Olympics (1896 - presesnt) there was rope climb, javelin throw, pommel horse, high bar, long jump, 100m sprint, rings, etc. But yes, many track and field events used to be gymnastics events.