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Men don't compete in the Olympics for rhythmic gymnastics

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Q: How many men and women teams complete in rhythmic gymnastics in the Olympics?
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Who are some great teams or players in the 2008 summer Olympics rhythmic gymnastics?

Chine, Russia, maybe Bulgaria.

What is rhythmic gymnastics?

Rhythmic gymnastics is an activity that involves teams of 5 or an individual that manipulate two or only one piece of apparatus. It is usually a ribbon, hoop, ball or rope.

How many levels are there in gymnastics between level one and level elite?

well there is level and teams level 1-10 (easy and beginner classes do not compete) team which is team 2- 10 (harder skills and gymnsat complete) then collage and then Olympics or small meets not as big as the Olympics

What is group gymnastics?

group gymnastics is when you are on a team commpetting other teams

Is gymnastics popular?

It depends on where you live! For example, gymnastics is not very well-known or popular in the Midwest, especially in states that don't have gymnastics teams affiliated with schools. However, everyone gets a bit excited about gymnastics when the Summer Olympics roll around, after watching it on TV, and interest peaks then.

What are the differences between rhythmic and artistic gymnastics?

In Artistic Gymnastics, gymnasts compete on 4 events:beam, bars, floor, and vault. On floor, tumbling is a major part of the routine. But in rhythmic gymnastics, gymnasts compete on the floor with different apparatuses: the clubs, ribbon, ball, hoop, and rope. Any tumbling besides cartwheels, rolls, and walkovers are not allowed. The main focus is dance, flexibility, strength, and music chosen for the routines. Gymnasts can also compete together in pairs or teams, unlike in artistic gymnastics.

How many teams are in the 2008 Beijing Olympics?

How many teams are in the 2008 Beijing Olympics?

How many women soccer teams compete in the Olympics?

10 soccer teams compete in the olympics

How many teams are in the Artistic Gymnastics?

5 to 6

How many teams play basketball in the Olympics?

In 2012, there will be twelve teams for men's basketball in the olympics. There will be twelve women's teams in the 2012 olympics, all competing for the gold medal.

Is the manner in which the Olympic gymnastics team chosen fair?

of course the olympic gymnastics people choose its teams fairly!

How many teams participated in the Beijing Olympics 2008?

204 Teams

What were the top ten teams in the 1999 winter Olympics?

There were no Winter Olympics in 1999.

What teams and who is going to the Olympics?

katie taylor

How many teams participated in the 2018 Olympics?

A total of 92 teams qualified at least one athlete to compete in the 2018 Winter Olympics.

What teams are in the winter Olympics 2014?

There are 88 countries participating in the 2014 Winter Olympics.

What teams are in the 2010 Winter Olympics?

There are 91 teams in the 2010 winter Olympic games.

What is the US national sports team?

The us national teams are teams that play in the olympics.

How many teams in 2012 London Olympics?


How many teams are in the Olympics?

there are 204 in 2008 games

What is the US voleyball teams name from the Olympics?


What were the teams based on in the Olympics back then?

animals and aliens

How many men and women teams have played in the Olympics and won gold medals?

how many men &women teams have played in the Olympics & got a gold medal

How many times have to US teams played each other in the Olympics?

there are 28 sports in the olympics

What teams played basketball in the 1904 Olympics'?

Nobody. Basketball did not start in the Olympics until 1936.