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you can compete in as many as you want but it is very hard to compete in two different events because it means that you train for two different sports so that means others competing in one will be able to train more than someone that is doing a lot of different sports. that is why you never see a swimmer competing in running or a weightlifter competing in rowing

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What country first proposed the winter olympic games as separate from the traditional olympic games

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Q: How many events can a person compete for in the summer Olympics?
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Who was the first disabled person to compete in summer Olympics?

Wilma Rudolph

Who is the only person to compete for Australia at a summer Olympics and a Winter Olympics?

Hi, Paul Narracott became the first Australian to compete at both the Summer and Winter Olympics: he had competed in the 1984 Summer Olympics in athletics, and participated in bobsleigh in 1992. Hope it helps!

Are there more events in the Summer Olympics or the Winter Olympics?

The Summer Olympics has more events.

If you compete in the winter Olympics can you compete in the next summer Olympics?

Yes, you can compete in consecutive Olympic games.

What are the only sports Australia did not compete in at the 2008 Summer Olympics?

The sports that Australia did not compete in at the 2008 Summer Olympics were handball and baseball.

How may events are there in the summer Olympics?

There are 300 events in the Olympics.

Do they have gymnastics in the Olympics?

Yes, during the Summer events in the summer Olympics

How many events are their in the Olympics?

There are 29 different events in the summer Olympics and 15 events in the winter Olympics.

How many events can the men participate in for the summer Olympics?

Men can participate in 26 events for the summer Olympics.

In the summer Olympics 2008 what sports will the US compete in?

The only sport the US does not compete in at any Summer Olympics (including 2008 and the upcoming 2012) is handball.

Why do you have summer Olympics and a winter Olympics?

There are winter Olympics so people with winter sports interest can compete in the games. eg. Skiing, figure skating. Summer Olympics so people with summer sports can compete in the games. Gymnastics, swimming...ect.

What facts are there about the Summer Olympics?

It started in greece and there are 301 events in the summer olympics

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