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Q: How many elbows are there in a basketball court?
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What is illegal that you can do with a basketball and your elbows?

Many, many, many things. However, let's assume that by "illegal" you mean illegal basketball wise. Then, holding the ball and swinging your elbows would be considered a foul (if you hit someone, of course).

Can you swing your elbows in basketball?

no unless you are pivoting

What do basketball players wear on their elbows?

Shooting sleeves.

If Jason throws a pass across a basketball court about how many centimeters would this be?

Length Of CourtHigh school Basketball Court = 2560.3 cmCollege Basketball Court = 2560.3 cmNBA Basketball Court = 2865.1 cmWidth of CourtAll = 1524 cm

What is the form way to shoot a basketball?

the best way to shoot a basketball is to keep your knees bent and elbows in

How do you think you shot a basketball?

bring your elbows in and bend your knees. then jump

How many shapes does basketball court have?


How many steps is a basketball court?


How many are on a court in basketball?

10 players

Is it a basketball court or a basketball pitch?

The correct name for it is A basketball court.

How many basketball players can be on the basketball court playing?

there can be 10 total people on the court playing. five people for each team.

How many yards is a basketball court?

9 yards