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There can be only one driver in pole position in any given race. Pole position refers to the first place starting position in the starting grid of a Formula One race. Since there can be only one driver starting in first place, there can be only driver in pole position as well.

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Q: How many drivers in a pole position formula one race?
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Number of drive that sit on pole position for a formula one race?

In a single race, there can only be one driver who starts from pole position. Pole position refers to the 1st place on the starting grid. During the Qualifying sessions, drivers go around the track and set the fastest time possible. The driver who was fastest during qualifying gets the pole position. Timing is usually correct to 1/1000th of a Second and so, there is absolutely no way two drivers can finish with the same time. So, only one driver starts from Pole Position.

What is a pole position in Formula 1 car race?

Pole position is the first (front) position on the starting grid. The driver with the fastest qualifying lap gets to start in pole position.

Number of drivers that sit on the pole for formula one race?

Only one driver can take pole for a particular Formula One race

What is a grid in Formula 1 racing?

A Grid refers to the position on the race track that the racers would start their race with. The person starting first is said to be on Pole Position or No. 1 position. To determine the position in which the drivers would start their race, usually on Saturdays a qualifying event is held. During this, the drivers have to drive as fast as they can around the track for one fast lap and the driver who can set the fastest time would start on Pole. This includes a number of other rules and criterion but in short, the fastest driver during qualifying starts on pole during the race on Sunday.

What kind of game was Pole Position?

Looking at the term "Pole Position" it seems to be a game of driving. Normally you will hear this term in Formula 1 and below and refers to the first car on the grid.

Why is pole position in motor racing so called?

It is because, when formula one first started, so that they could see who was in the lead, they connected a mirror to a pole, so they see who was in the lead. this lead to the saying "pole position" Harry Grant

How do drivers qualify for Formula One races?

All 24 cars enter 'Q1', each driver puts in a lap, the top 17 go through to 'Q2' (the drivers that didn't made Q2 have already earnt their starting position depending on who was the slowest (24th place) up to the quickest). In Q2, the fastest 10 enter Q3 (the drivers that didn't make it to Q3 have now also earnt their starting positions). At the end of Q3, whoever has put in the fastest lap is on pole position (they start 1st in the race the following day) and the other drivers positions depend on how fast they are.

What happens if 2 people get the same time in qualifying formula 1?

In the event two or more drivers set the exact fastest lap in qualifying, the driver who set the lap first gets the pole position. At the 1997 European Grand Prix, Jacques Villeneuve, Michael Schumacher and Heinz-Harold Frentzen all set a lap time of 1:21.072 and the eventual World Champion, Villeneuve was awarded the pole position due to the rule.

How do i say 'are you in pole position' in french?

Êtes-vous en pole position

When was Pole Position II created?

Pole Position II was created in 1983.

When did Pole Position II happen?

Pole Position II happened in 7800.

When was Pole Position Raceway created?

Pole Position Raceway was created in 2005.

When was Pole Position - video game - created?

Pole Position - video game - was created in 1982.

When did Pole Position - video game - happen?

Pole Position - video game - happened in 2600.

What is the world record for pole position the video game?

The world record of pole position was 71,460 by Hiro japasxan from Horisananai, Mongolia and the American record of pole position was 71,040 by Skaroley cavernly from Scotsdale, Arizona. This all happend at the 2006 video racing championship of pole position and neither of them won that championship. The winner was Kalvin jaspeck from Price edward island in Canada and his best was 66,820 of his pole position career.

Have you got facts about Sebastian vettel?

There are a lot of facts about Sebastian Vettel. Some are: a. He is currently driving for Red Bull Racing team b. He is the defending formula 1 drivers world champion c. He is the youngest ever triple and quadruple world champion in formula one history d. He has won 4 consecutive formula 1 drivers titles in his career e. He is the youngest ever driver to score championship points in formula 1 f. He is the youngest ever driver in formula 1 to secure pole position g. He is the youngest ever driver to win a formula 1 race

What is the Pole Position Award in V8 supercar racing?

a Pole Position Award is an award that means that you raced the best

Who is the best formula one driver of all time?

Statistically Michael Schumacher is the greatest driver in history having won the most drivers championships,wins,pole positions,laps lead,fastest laps, and many other records throughout his career.

Why is the expression 'low man on the totem pole' misleading?

The lowest position on a totem pole is actually the position of highest honor

Who won the pole position in Indy 500 2011?

Alex Tagliani won the pole position for the 2011 Indianapolis 500.

What is a pole in NASCAR?

When a driver qualifies in first position he wins "the pole".

How many pole positions has Fernando Alonso had?

Fernando has had 19 pole positions in Formula 1. Information is correct following Monza 2010.

What are the ratings and certificates for Pole Position - 1984?

Pole Position - 1984 is rated/received certificates of: USA:TV-Y7

Where was the first formula 1 race in 2010?

The first race of the 2010 formula one season was the "Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix". It happened on 14th March 2010. Sebastian Vettel started the race on pole position in his Red Bull but Fernando Alonso in his Ferrari won the race. The 2010 season was closely contested and both Vettel and Alonso fought closely with Vettel winning the drivers title by just 4 points.

How many times was Michael Schumacher on pole position?

Michael was on pole 68 times during his 308 race career. He is the record holder in the category.