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There are 4 downs per offensive series but if you convert the first down they reset.

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Q: How many downs is there in the nfl?
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The difference of downs in CFL and nfl?

CFL-3 downs NFL-4 downs

What are the release dates for NFL Films Presents - 1967 Ups and Downs?

NFL Films Presents - 1967 Ups and Downs was released on: USA: 18 October 2010

How many yards does a team have to go for a 1st down?

American Football - NFL and collegiate A team has 4 downs to go 10 yards, and earn a new set of downs. Otherwise the ball control goes to the opposing team. Downs may be replayed if a penalty is ruled and accepted.

What team has had the most first downs in a college football game?

In the 2007 NFL season, there was an average of 37.2 first downs in an NFL game. In 2006, that average was 36.8 and in 2005, that average was also 36.8.

Peyton Manning broke whose NFL record for touch downs?

dan marino

What team had the most touch downs in 2008 nfl?

The New Orleans Saints with 57.

How many downs are in play?

There are no downs in soccer

How many downs are there in football?

4 downs

How many tries does a NFL team have to make a first down?

Four tries, or "downs". That rule applies to all levels of football (high school, college, pro.)

How did wattle downs get its name?

Wattle Downs Wattle- How many wattle trees are there Downs- We are slightly down a hill

How many pages does The Billionaire of Dismal Downs have?

The Billionaire of Dismal Downs has 15 pages.

How many downs does a team get before the other team gets the ball in football?

4 downs