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The minimum number of downs a team has is four. The maximum number of downs a team can have is theoretically unlimited as long as they reach the line of gain (10 yards from the starting point of the first down in that particular set).

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Q: How many downs does a team have to score a touchdown before turning the ball over?
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How many downs does a team have to score a touchdown or reach a first down?

You have 4 downs in order to either score a touchdown, or advance 10 yards to achieve another first down.

What is the n umber of downs to score a touchdown in flag football?

Santa Claus

How many downs does a team get to move the ball up and down the field?

As long as a team can advance the ball 10 yards in four consecutive downs, they can take as many downs as needed to score a touchdown.

How many downs does a team get to either score a touchdown or to make a first down?

In the NFL and most other American football rules a team gets four downs to either score with a touchdown, a field goal, or to make a first down, and start the count of downs again. Usually the fourth down is used to punt the ball away, rather than give the football up on the spot, if the previous three downs didn't result in some more favorable outcome.

Would you use 'score a touchdown' 'get a touchdown' or something else?

U would say the score 1.

What is the touchdown area called?

The area in football that you score a touchdown is called the endzone.

What is the NFL record for the longest time period where a team does not score a touchdown?

I believe the record was 22 quarters, but now the Browns smashed it. They went 26 quarters with no touch downs.

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What is a 6 point score in football?

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