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The Minnesota Twins won 94 regular season games in 2002 and won 2 games in the playoffs for a total of 96 wins

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Q: How many divisions did the Minnesota Twins win?
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How many games did the Minnesota Twins win in 1987?

In 1987, the Minnesota Twins had an 85-77 record.

Who was the first team the Minnesota Twins beat?

The Minnesota Twins first win came against the Philadelphia Athletics. It was on April 26, 1901, and the Twins were then known as the Washington Senators.

Did the Minnesota Twins win their game on April 15 2012?

No. On April 15, 2012, the Minnesota Twins lost to the Texas Rangers, 4-3.

Will the Detroit Tigers or Minnesota Twins win the the AL Central Division in 2010?

Twins by five games

Are the Minnesota Twins going to win today?

Yes they are good and they spend their money wisely.

What was the Minnesota Twins baseball win-loss record 2009?

2009 Minnesota TwinsThe 2009 Minnesota Twins, managed by Ron Gardenhire finished the season in first place in the American League Central with a win-loss record of 87 - 76. The twins lost to the New York Yankees in the 2009 American League Division Series 3 games to none. The twins had a 49-33 win-loss record at home, and a 38-43 win-loss record on the road.

What is the 2006 Minnesota Twins record?

96 Wins: 66 Losses: .593 Win Percentage

Who won game 3 of the 2010 ALDS the New York Yankees or the Minnesota Twins?

The Yankees defeated the Minnesota Twins 6-1 in game 3 to win the 2010 ALDS 3 games to 0.

Who was Minnesota Twins 3rd baseman during 1987 season?

The Twins did not win the World Series in 1988 ... the Los Angeles Dodgers won that year. The Twins did win the World Series in 1987 and their third baseman was Gary Gaetti.

When did twins win the pennant?

The 1965 Minnesota Twins won the American League pennant with 102 wins. They also won the pennant in 1987 and the World Series.

What has the author Douglas Grow written?

Douglas Grow has written: 'We're gonna win, Twins!' -- subject(s): Minnesota Twins (Baseball team), History

How many games did the Minnesota Twins win in 1998?

The Twins were 70-92 in 1998, finishing fourth in the AL Central. Here are some stats from the season: