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Q: How many division one teams are in BCS conferences?
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What are non-BCS teams?

There are six conferences (ACC, Big East, Big 12, Big 10, PAC 10, and SEC) and one independent school (Notre Dame) that have automaticly qualifying status for a BCS game. Teams in these conferences would be your BCS teams. The other five conferences (MWC, C-USA, WAC, MAC, and SBC) and two independents (Army and Navy) are not automatic qualifiers and can only make it to a BCS bowl game through an "at-large" bid. These would be your non-BCS teams. Although the BCS considers ALL teams to be "BCS teams" with the division being between automatic and non-automatic qualifiers.

What teams have aoutomatic bids to the BCS?

If a team is in the ACC, Big East, Big 10, Big 12, PAC 12, or SEC and they win their conference championship game they will earn that conferences automatic BCS bowl bid

How many teams are eligible for the BCS?

Ten teams get to play in the BCS each year. Two play for the National Championship, while the other eight will play in the Sugar, Orange, Fiesta and Rose Bowls. Any of the 120 FBS teams are "eligible," but only the winners of the six BCS conferences get an automatic berth. (These are the SEC, ACC, Big Ten, Big 12, Big East and the Pac-10.) Only one team from a non-BCS conference can get an automatic berth, and they must be ranked in the top-12, or in the top-16 if they are higher than another BCS conference champion. The only exception is Notre Dame, who gets an automatic berth as long as they are ranked in the top-8.

How are bowl teams determined?

the bcs committee

Wasn't there a time when Texas Christian University went undefeated but was denied a BCS game because they were not considered a BCS team?

Since the BCS was introduced in 1998, TCU has not gone undefeated. In the 2003 season they were 11-1 at bowl selection time, having won their first 10 games before suffering their only loss to Southern Mississippi. They were ranked 18th in the BCS polls. The reason they weren't ranked higher is because they were playing in the Conference USA football conference (considered a mid-major) which did not have many good teams therefore, TCU couldn't accumulate BCS points for playing a difficult schedule. In the 2005 season, TCU wound up the regular season at 10-1, winning their last 9 games. They were, as they are currently, a member of the Mountain West Conference (another mid-major) and, similar to 2003, did not qualify for a BCS bowl. Rules for selecting BCS bowl teams changed with the 2006 season. Now, should the conference champion from Conference USA, Mid-American, Mountain West, Sun Belt, or Western Athletic Conferences be A) ranked in the top 12 in the final BCS standings, or B) ranked among the top 16 teams in the final BCS Standings and ranked higher than the champion of one of the conferences whose champion has an annual automatic berth in a BCS bowl, that team will qualify for a BCS bowl game. Had the above rules been in effect in 2005, TCU would have qualified for a BCS bowl.

What 2 teams are playing in the BCS?

Oregon and auburn

Can two sec teams meet in BCS championship?


Why can't a NCAA football team go to a BCS Bowl game on wins alone?

With an automatic BCS game birth for winners of power conferences (SEC, ACC, Pac-12, Big 10, Big 12, Big East), there is a very limited number of teams that can go to a BCS games. Those that are not in a power conference have to basically upset teams that is a higher rank or tougher or go undeafeted and win the conference. For example, Boise State in 2006 was in the WAC (Western Athletic Conference) not expecting a BCS. However, they went undeafeted beating good teams, and making the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl unexpectedly also winning that game against Oklahoma in overtime. So you have to consider the factors of scheduled play, conference teams' strength, advantages, ranking and how the team plays. It's not just wins that gets the team into the BCS. The BCS comittee has to decide not just by wins, but all of the other factors as well.

How many BCS championships Alabama got?

Alabama claims 13 National Championships in football. One of these championships is a BCS championship. Before the BCS, teams were voted champion by various organizations. Whether or not Alabama has 13 actual championships can be debated, but their 1 BCS Championship cannot be challenged.

Which conference has the most teams ranked in the BCS in 2007?


Is the Mac conference in the BCS?

MAC teams do not receive automatic bids unless they are ranked in the top 15 of the BCS standings.

How many BCS bowls has msu been in?

Michigan state has been into no bcs bowls.But other Big Ten teams like Ohio st, Mighigan,and Wisconsin been into bcs bowls. Wisconsin went to 6 bcs bowls,Ohio st went 9,and Michigan went to 1.