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In the Olympics, there are four events: men's Field Hockey, women's field hockey, men's Ice Hockey, women's ice hockey. The first two are played during the Summer Games; the latter two are played during the Winter Games.

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Q: How many different events does hockey have?
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What were the different events?

waterball,judo,hockey,triathlon,and more

What events can you win a gold medal in hockey?

You can win a gold medal in hockey only by playing hockey. There are two kinds of hockey events: ice hockey (winter) and field hockey (summer).

How many hockey teams is there?

Well, there are many different hockey teams around the world, but in the NHL, there are 30 teams in total.

Where online can you buy hockey tickets?

You can purchase these hockey tickets online at Stubhub. They will have tickets to all the major Hockey events as well as all types of other sporting events.

How many team events are in the 2012 Olympics?

6 men's events and 6 women's events. Water polo, Basketball, Field hockey, Football, Indoor Volleyball, & Handball are all team events

How many different sports and events were there in the 2004 Athens Olympics?

Sporting Events in the OlympicsIn 2004 there was bobsled, snowboarding, hockey, skiing and speed skating,tea bagging,nut sack race,mum toy change. oyu got trolled

Why are there separate events for men and women in the Olympics?

the reason that there are different events for men and women is because men sports its much more brutal. for instance in hockey they split men and women because in mens hockey you can body check( nocking the other person down).

What events are in the current Olympics?

Some Olympic events include archery, hockey, diving, golf, and volleyball. Other events include wrestling, ice hockey, snowboard, speed skating, and curling.

Salary of a hockey player?

It depends on so many different things.

How many centimetres a junior hockey stick?

Its different with all sticks

What do field events include?

Field events include football, hockey, basketball, netball.

Team events in the winter Olympics?

Ice Hockey.

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