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Q: How many different combinations of games can there possibly be for the March Madness College Basketball Tournament with a field of 64 teams?
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How many minutes at first rules of basketball?

well, if your question made any sense at first, I would indeed think that you may possibly be asking "How many minutes are in the first quarter of Basketball". But if you knew anything about basketball, which you dont, or anything about grammar, which you dont, you will be happy to know that each quarter in a game of Basketball is 12 minutes.

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If one desires to potentially purchase a display case for a basketball, one could possibly locate a case at a sports outlet store such as Dick's Sporting Goods or The Sports Authority.

What is the best way to become a professional basketball coach?

You could start by getting a job at a local community center for a few years than you could possibly go into college basketball free agency to be head couch, so by than you be guaranteed to be an excellent NBA basketball head coach

What are the most common injuries in basketball?

broken bones, finger damages, bruises, sprain, torn ligaments, and possibly rib injuries

What is a sponsors?

A sponsors exemption is where the sponsor of the tournament can choose a player (possibly a promising amateur or fan favourite) who would other wise not be exempt to play in that event, and give them a spot in the tournament. The amount of sponsors exemptions is limited per event, and you would only see them in the smaller events, never a major.