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In horse racing theres

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Q: How many different classes of racing is there?
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what are the racing classes for racing four wheelers? there are 3 classes the begginer amamtuer and pro class

Are there leagues in Sail racing?

Yes, though they are referred to as classes

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Taylor Dyess is a member of the snocross racing team Snowfire racing. He won both of the sport classes in the western national ISOC race. He is now racing in the XMR racing circuit.

What is the trend in street racing?

There are many different trends that can be found in street racing. These trends include unsafe accelerating and quick stops.

How is banger racing different from a standard racing?

Banger racing is different from standard racing. Banger racing involves driving on a dirt track and using vehicles that have been constructed by the drivers.

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Are horse racing and equestrianism the same?

Well yes and no. Anything to do with horses can be considered Equestrianism, but many people consider racing different from 'regular' horse sports.