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In softball, there are nine positions. They include:


Catcher - The catcher is behind home plate. They catch the pitches, call what pitch will be thrown (examples- fastball, change up, curve ball, screw ball, drop or rise ball, inside or outside pitch, and much more!) , and throw people out when they steel bases.

Pitcher - The pitch throws the ball down home plate (to the catcher) for the batter to hit.

First basemen - Plays next to first base

Second basemen - Plays between first and second base.

Shortstop - Plays between second and third base. The shortstop is in charge of the infield

Third basemen - Plays next to third base. Usually has a very strong arm so they are able to throw to first base.


Right field - Behind first and second basemen.

Center field - Behind second base. The center fielder is in charge of the whole field

Left field - Plays behind the shortstop and third baseman.

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