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Q: How many defenseman are in a hockey starting lineup?
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How many players are on one team in ice hockey during a game?

there are two defenseman, three offenseman and one goalie

How many players are in a basketball team's starting lineup?


How many players in a starting lineup for an NFL team?

If you mean starting lineup for the entire team it depends but if you mean for offense or defense or special teams it is 12

How many players are allowed on the ice for each hockey team?

6 Total - 1 Goalie 2 Defenseman 2 Wings 1 Center

How many positons are in hockey?

There are four positions in hockey. Center, Winger, Defenseman, and Goaltender. There are six players on the ice per shift though. The goalie remains on the ice if pulled, injured or replaced by the backup goalie.

How many people can be on the ice field at once?

6 players for each team, so 12. Center forward, right wing, left wing, right defenseman, left defenseman, goalie

How many players are in a zone lineup?

11 players

A manager of a softball team needs to prepare a batting lineup using her 9 starting players How many different lineups can she make?

She can make 9! or 362880 lineups.

How many defenseman are on a single lacrosse team?

There are 3 defense players on the field at once but there can be an unlimited number of subs.

How many types of hockey are there?

Ice hockey, street hockey, feild hockey, floor hockey, air hockey, table hockey, knee hockey, mini hockey, water hockey, under water hockey. 10.

How many player in horses hockey hockey?


How many players are there in a hockey team?

22 for ice hockey

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