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12 to 16 days

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Q: How many days does it take to finish the iditarod race?
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How many days does it take the to race in the Iditarod Race?

about 10-13 days

How many dogs are you allowed to race in the Iditarod?

6 dogs is the minimum number of dogs that you have to finish with in the Iditarod.

What it the largest number of mushers to finish the iditarod race?

The largest number of mushers to finish a race is 77.

How many days are in the the Iditarod race?

It depends on how fast the racers get finished

Is the winner of the iditarod first or last to finish the race?

The first to finish the race. The race starts on Willow Lake and ends in Nome. It is about 1000 miles long.

What place did Wattie McDonald Finish in the Iditarod race?

Wattie McDonald finished the race in 36th place.

How many mushers are in a Iditarod Race?

There are no more than 100 mushers in the Iditarod race.

When does the Iditarod race start and when does it end?

2010 race will start Saturday March 6th at 10:00am. End depends on when and if you cross the finish line. Shortest was 8 days plus and most mushers are across no later than 16 days.

What do you win if you won the Iditarod race?

$875,000 is split between the people that finish the race. Its not really a winning thing.

How many days does the iditarod race usually last?

Nowadays typically 9 days for the winner and up to about 13 days for the red lantern

How many dogs must be on the team at the end of the Iditarod race?

A contestant in the Iditarod usually has 12-16 dogs on their sled team at the beginning of the race. If less than 6 dogs are pulling the sled when they cross the finish line, the team will be disqualified.

Who was the first women to finsh the Iditarod?

Mary Shields was one of two women to be the first to participate in the Iditarod Trail Race in 1974, and the first to finish the Iditarod. She placed 23rd then.

What is the maximum number of dogs in the iditarod At the start and at the finish?

A musher can have a maximum of 15 dogs to start the Iditarod race. He must have a least 5 dogs in the harness at the end to officially finish. Dogs can be dropped for many reason such as injury, illness, and attitude issue.

How many veterans are signed up for 2011 iditarod race?

how many veterans signed up for the 2011 iditarod race

How long is the Iditarod race take?

10 to 14 days

The annual Iditarod race is a days-long competition of what sport?

Dog sledding

What is the red lantern award?

It is the award given to the last musher to cross the finish line in Nome. It began as a joke years ago, and became a good luck symbol for the race. A "widow's lamp" is lite in Nome, and hung at the finish line, the same day the Iditarod, (dog sled race) starts in Anchorage Alaska. The lantern will be left burning day and night until the last contestant crosses the finish line. The last musher to cross the finish line in Nome, is responsible for turning the lantern off. Now, the last to finish the race is awarded the Red Lantern Award. It shows the perseverance and dedication needed to finish the race. It usually takes 14-15 days to finish the Iditarod.

How many women registered for this years Iditarod race?

15 - 18 women are in this 2012 Iditarod race as far as i know

How many checkpoints are on this year's iditarod race?

There are 18 checkponts in the 2013 Iditarod race

How long did the Iditarod race last?

Usually 10-14 days

When was the closest finish for iditarod race who were the mushers?

1978.Dick Macky and Rick Swenson.One secend apart.

How many days do the Iditarod dog race take?

it would take you about March 8th to march 20th or march 8th to the 17th it's pretty long of a race.

Are women allowed in the Iditarod race?

are women allowed to race in the iditarod race

How many women are in the Iditarod race this year?

There are exactly sixteen women in the Iditarod for 2012

How many miles is the Iditarod race?

The race covers 1,150 miles.