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A test match goes for 5 days or until a team wins the match, whichever is earlier.

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Q: How many days does a test cricket match go for?
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How many days is the game planned to be played in test cricket?

a test cricket match lasts for up to 5 days.

What is the time period for a cricket test match?

A cricket test match is played for 5 days.

In test cricket how many days is the game planned to go over?

A test cricket match usually spans for about 5 days.

What is the Maximum length of a modern cricket test match?

5 days

Which cricket game lasts 5 days and no winner?

A test match.

How long can a Test cricket match last?

The Test Cricket matches are the longest of the three types of cricket matches which lasts up too 5 days. The name Test Cricket match comes from the fact that it is a relative test of strength and endurance of the two sides in the grueling 5 day match.

How many overs are there in first class cricket?

And the answer is if it is a ODI then 50 overs but if it is a test match then it depends on number of days.

How many days can a test match last?

A cricket test match spans 5 days. This entails two batting and two bowling innings' per side. Depending on weather the test match can be shortend to any number of days but each team still has the same number of innings'.

What is 5 d in a t m in c?

5 days in a test match in cricket

How long can a game of cricket last?

The longest game of International cricket is a test match which can last for a maximum 5 days.

What is the longest game in sports history?

Test Match Cricket is the longest game, spanning several days for a single match.

What is India's domestic cricket match?

test cricket

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