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Q: How many dancers are in Matthews bourne's nutcracker?
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Do male dancers wear pointed shoes?

There are many male dancers en pointe like in "The Hard Nut" which is a modern version of the Nutcracker with maily male dancers who are en pointe.

How many different versions of The Nutcracker are there?

how many versions are there to the nutcracker

What are the descriptions of the different dances in the nutcracker ballet?

In first act there is the Party Scene, where there is a Christmas party at Clara's house. The children and the adults do different dances like they are dancing at a party. Then there is the Battle Scene, where the mouse king and the Nutcracker have a sword fight (still graceful). After that, the Snowflake Scene, where dancers dance as if they are snow in a breeze. Thereafter, the Nutcracker and Clara (the Sugar Plum Queen) perform numerous solos and duets. THere are short variations performed by Chinese dancers, Mirlitons, Bon Bons, Arabian dancers, and a single male Russian Dancer. There also is a finale where all of the dancers perform in, but remember that there are many different versions of the Nutcracker, and this is only Chikoske's version. (Sorry about spelling!) If you're wondering how I could answer all of these, is becausse I am a professional dancer in the Nutcracker, and am dancing as a snowflake and a Chinese dancer! You're welcome...

How many syllables in the word nutcracker?

Nutcracker has three syllables.

What is the nutcracker about?

The Nutcracker is a dance done by many companies. Clara, the lead role is having a party on Christmas Eve. Her Uncle Drosslmire, who is a toy maker, gives Ckara a nutcracker. Late at night, after all the guest have gone home and everyone is in bed, Clara sneeks down stairs to cheak on the nutcracker. She falls asleep on the living room sofa and the evil mice, lead by the rat king come and attack her! The nutcracker then become as young, handsome prince and fights the Rat King. Just as the Rat KIng is about to defeat the Nutcracker prince, Clara throws her slipped at the Rat King and he is killed! The Nutcracker Prince then brings Clara to the land of sweets were the Sugar PLumFairy and many other beautiful dancers preform for Clara and the Prince. Then, Clara wakes up, relizing it was just a dream, and lives happily ever after with her Nutcracker! I am actually working on a sequal to the story, scince my Great Grandfather wrote the music for the original Nutcracker, and this is my 6th year dancing in the Nutcracker. Hope this helps!

How many professional dancers are there in the US?

Very broad question. Including commercial dancers, Ballet dancers,Contemporary dancers,Broadway dancers, Hip Hop dancers, Latin American dancers, Ballroom dancers, Exotic dancers? Lots & lots. And that's not including the teachers. Even more including them.

Who are the characters in The Nutcracker?

There were many characters in The Nutcracker including the little girl name Clara. There was also a mouse king and a soldier.

How many dancers are there?


How many dancers were in christepher Bruce's swansong?

He had 16 dancers fore his bruce's swansong

How many dancers in birdsong are female?

8 dancers, 5 female & 3 male.

How many pages does The Dancers at the End of Time have?

The Dancers at the End of Time has 182 pages.

How many dancers are in a trio?


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